PhD in International Education

Lindsey Sasaki

Lindsey Sasaki pursued her Bachelor of Arts degree at Pomona College (B.A.) with a major in International Relations and a minor in Spanish. She received her Master of Arts degree in International Education at New York University. Her specialization is cross-cultural exchange and training with a focus on Latin America. Her research interest is studying the Japanese communities in Brazil and Peru and how their communities are influenced by the continual migration back to Japan. (dekasegi movement) In particular, her dissertation topic explores how the dekasegi movement has shaped Japanese Peruvian and Brazilian young adults’ ethnic identity and how these processes reveal themselves in the Peruvian and Brazilian contexts. She seeks to examine how the experience in Japan has affected their identity, how the young adults readapt to Peru and Brazil, and what influence this migration has on their future goals.

Fellowships and Awards:

  • Teaching Assistantship in the International Education program
  • Foreign Language and Areas Studies Fellowship (Portuguese)
  • JAA Honjo Scholarship
  • Dean’s Grants for Student Research
  • Fulbright Fellowship