PhD in International Education

Lauren Sinclair

Picture of Lauren Sinclair in front of a power point projectionExpected Date of Graduation: January 2015

Why did you choose to pursue a Doctoral degree in International Education?

International Education satisfied my diverse interests by offering a program that approaches questions from an interdisciplinary vantage. The theoretical aspects of the program were made practically applicable through my experience studying, living, working, and traveling abroad, teaching in the US and abroad, and working with university level international students.

Please describe the focus of your research:

My thesis is a historical study that examines how scholars shaped US-Africa Cold War policy.

Who is the professor or scholar who has influenced you the most:

Prof. Rene Arcilla is my dissertation chair. The first course I took with him was a summer course called ‘Educational Values in Literature and the Arts’. We read authors like Kafka, DeLillo, and saw the film ‘Rosetta’. It was my first time studying literature and philosophy since my undergraduate experience and I had the feeling akin to rediscovering a love for playing music. Shortly after, I had the opportunity of working as a teaching assistant with Prof. Arcilla for an undergraduate course called “Conversations of the West: Education as a Way of Life”. We read Plato, Montaigne, Dostoyevsky and others. It was a formative and expansive experience. I had opportunities to take other courses with Prof. Arcilla and I’m grateful that in our program, my interest in history, anthropology, sociology, gender and sexuality, environmental studies, and more can be complimented by the study of philosophy.

What are your career goals?

I would like to make a career in research, perhaps with the US Office of the Historian or the Library of Congress.

What do you like the most about the International Education program at NYU Steinhardt?:

It is interdisciplinary, therefore the range of questions and the methods with which one aims to answer those questions seems limitless.

Fellowships & Awards:

  • 2014- James and Sylvia Thayer Short Term Fellowship (UCLA)
  • 2014- GRI Summer Dissertation Writing Workshop Fellow (NYU Berlin)

Courses taught:

  • Conversation of the West: Education as a Way of Life
  • Texts and Ideas: Antiquity and the 19th Century
  • Cultures and Contexts: Africa