MA in International Education

International Education M.A. Alumni

Many graduates of the International Education program have gone on to pursue successful careers in the field of International Education. Read ahead to learn more about several of our recent alumni:

Jing Guan, MA
Jing Guan is a 2012 graduate of the International Education MA program. She currently works as a Credentials Evaluator at World Education Services. She encourages current and future students to connect with classmates: "It was fascinating to hear their experiences!"

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Rebecca Mayer, MA
After an unplanned start in the field at EF Education First in Boston, Rebecca decided to pursue a master's degree at NYU and completed the program in spring 2016. During her time at NYU, she was fortunate enough to intern both at Catholic Charities, Refugee and Resettlement and the Institute of International Education. Post-grad, she has been working at Baruch College, Continuing and Professional Studies for the past year as the Recruitment Coordinator for Global Programs.
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Pamela D’Andrea Montalbano, MA
Pamela is a Research Associate in the Center for Policy, Research, and Evaluation at NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools. Her research and evaluation work focuses on capturing and understanding educational equity with a special interest in racial and linguistic justice. D’Andrea Montalbano holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Florida, she was a K-12 teacher leader of World Language and Dual Language Two-Way Immersion, and she recently earned her Master’s degree in International Education from NYU.
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Daniel Munier, MA
After graduating the NYU International Education program in 2012, Daniel pursued a career in Refugee Resettlement, as an Employment and Education Trainer at Catholic Charities. Daniel says that "from gaining more nuanced cross-cultural understandings, investigating systems/markets of humanitarian assistance, to realizing the complexities of education in conflict, the program has immensely prepared me for my current line of work."
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Emily Orr, MA
Emily Orr currently works as a Program Assistant for the Consular Training Division at the U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute. She writes: "If you are passionate about this field and know what you want, then NYU is a great place!"
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Clare Overmann (Banks), MA
Clare Overmann (Banks) is the Head of Higher Education Initiatives at IIE. In this role, she oversees a range of programs and initiatives dedicated to advancing the internationalization of higher education, including Generation Study Abroad and IIE’s Center for International Partnerships. Past roles have included overseeing the U.S. Department of State’s Gilman International Scholarship Program, leading education diplomacy missions to Myanmar, Iran, and Cuba, and managing students in emergency initiatives. Her most recent publication is the IIE/DAAD co-publication, Global Perspectives on Strategic International Partnerships: A Guide to Building Sustainable Academic Linkages (2016). Clare holds a BA in Spanish from Georgetown University and an MA in International Education from New York University.
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Collette Reny, MA
Collette is a 2012 graduate of the International Education MA program. She currently works as the Coordinator of Education Abroad at Purchase College, SUNY (State University of New York). She writes that "NYU is the global network university – seeing how it runs on the inside is pretty much the bread and butter of (the International Education Program)". 
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Carol Maria Reyes Rios, MA
Carol Maria Reyes Rios currently works as the Director of Global Student Programs at Miami Dade College. Previously, she worked at the Institute of International Education (IIE) as a Program Officer in the Foreign Fulbright Programs Division. Her favorite part of the International Education program was studying abroad in Ghana: "My experience in Ghana definitely added a new dimension to my understanding of educational challenges (and successes) in developing countries."
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Fred Sanchez, MA
After graduating with his Masters in International Education from NYU, Fred Sanchez began his career as a Program Officer at the Institute of International Education. He says that his "graduate experience at NYU helped sharpen my ability to analyze studies and apply theory in international education program management."
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Georgina Sanchez, MA
Georgina Sanchez is currently a Program Manager for the Global Partnership Program at SeriousFun Children's Network. SeriousFun is a non-profit organization that offers summer camps and other programs for seriously ill children throughout the world.
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Marisa Silva, MA
Marisa joined One To World in February 2017 in her current role as Coordinator of Enrichment Programs. In December 2016, she graduated with a Master’s degree from New York University in International Education. Her previous work experiences fall mainly under the non-profit umbrella, and include: Center for Supportive Schools, an organization that implements youth leadership programs in K-12 schools throughout the tri-state area, and Amnesty International, an organization that advocates for human rights. Her passion for cross-cultural exchange and diplomacy led her to One To World, where she regularly gets to interact with international students from all over the world.
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Garth Stahl, PhD
Garth Stahl is a 2006 graduate of the International Education MA program. He has since received his PhD and is currently a Lecturer in Literacy Education and Sociology at the University of South Australia. He says a favorite part of the Internation Education program was "Cynthia Miller Idriss’s sociology course because it was rigorous and academically stimulating. It informed my PhD focus immensely."
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