MA in International Education

FAQ for Current Students

1. Where can I find a syllabus for my course before class starts?

If you’re looking for a syllabus in order to decide if you want to take the course, you can try searching online using the course title, looking at the department website, or contacting the faculty member or department advisor directly. For courses you are enrolled in, faculty usually post the syllabus a few days to a week before classes start in NYU Classes.

2. Albert won't let me register for courses outside of my department. What is the process for getting approval to register for courses in other departments/schools?

First, check the notes in Albert to see if the course is restricted to certain students until a certain date, requires an application, or needs department consent. If you cannot find more information, contact the administrator of the department where the course is offered or email the professor of the course directly.

Some schools at NYU require a separate process to register for their courses, called Cross Registration. For example, to take a course at Wagner you must fill out a registration request form.

3. Who can I discuss financial aid options with?

Information about financial aid at NYU is available on the graduate financial aid page, including types of financial aid and more about scholarships and loans. In addition, the Guide to Federal Student Aid from the US Department of Education can be helpful. To speak with a Financial Aid Counselor, please call 212.998.4444 or stop by the StudentLink Center at 383 Lafayette.

4. Can I defer my offer of admission and start another semester?

NYU Steinhardt does not permit deferrals, except for in cases of extreme emergency (such as a health concern). If you cannot attend for the semester for which you were accepted, you must reapply and be reconsidered for admission. For deferral requests, please email:

5. Do I need an MMR vaccine in order to register for classes?

New York State law requires all incoming students to provide documentation of proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella, and acknowledgement of receipt of information regarding Meningococcal Meningitis or proof of vaccination against the disease. For more information, please see the Next Stop NYU page.

If you are not in full compliance, New York State requires that the university exclude you from attending classes. You will be de-enrolled (dropped) from and unable to attend classes. If you are de-enrolled, you will not be eligible to receive a refund of any portion of your tuition, you will be prevented from entering campus buildings (including residence halls), and your student ID card will be deactivated.

Call 212-443-1199, email or visit the Student Health Center (located at 726 Broadway) for more information.

6. How can I meet with an advisor in order to plan my schedule and register for classes?

Please see the Graduate Orientation Portal for more information on how to meet with an advisor and the timeline for doing so for your first semester. For continuing students, please see the ASH Graduate Student Handbook or refer to emails from your advisor. You are required to meet with your advisor each semester prior to registering, although in certain cases students may email their plans to their advisor in order to have their advising hold removed.

7. Can I transfer credits from another university?

In addition, you can transfer up to 6 credits from another university, as long as the credits were graduate-level and not used towards another degree. To receive approval for advanced standing/transfer credit, you need to submit a catalogue description of the course, including a syllabus to your advisor, and have a grade of B or better. Coursework must have been completed no more than three years prior to the application for credit transferral. Only graduate-level courses may count towards the degree. No undergraduate credits may transfer (although some requirements may be waived based on the applicant's undergraduate coursework, with an advisor's approval, allowing other electives to be taken).

Any advanced standing/transfer credit or course waivers are permitted at the discretion of program advisors.

8. Can I take classes at Columbia University or another school in New York City?

Yes. However, these credits are treated as transfer credits (see above). After receiving approval for the course from your advisor, you must complete the paperwork applicable for transferring credits. Note: If you transfer in credits during your final semester in the program, there is a possibility that the deadline for grades at NYU differs from the deadline at the school in which you took the course. This can be problematic if you are planning on graduating that semester and, to do so, your grades need to be in by a certain date. Please check with the outside university to ensure their deadlines will not delay your graduation.

9. Can I audit classes?

Yes, although the cost for the course is the same as if you enrolled for credit. First contact the instructor for permission. Second, register for the course and pay the full price. Finally, file for an audit request with the Registrar - this must be done within the first week of the semester.

10. What are the minimum number of credits I must take to be a student?

Different schools at NYU have different credit requirements for part-time and full-time status. At Steinhardt NYU, part-time status consists of a six credit course load, while full-time status consists of a minimum of twelve credits. To maintain current student status, all students must enroll for at minimum three credits per academic year.

There are different minimum requirements for scholarships and visas for international students - please check with your advisor.

11. How do I switch status from full-time student to part-time student?

Contact the Admissions Office and Financial Aid to inform them of your status change. Your financial aid package may also change after you become a part-time student after being full-time, contact Financial Aid for details.

12. What is the maximum number of credits I can take in any given semester?

In the fall and spring semesters, you can take up to 18 credits. In the summer, you can take up to 16 credits. However, we strongly urge students to speak with an advisor to plan their course loads and take into account other factors, such as working and commuting.

13. Can my financial aid package be applied to January term or summer sessions?

The January term through Steinhardt is included in the spring financial aid allotment. In the summer session, scholarships are not an option and, as such, only loans can be used to cover tuition. Please speak with a Financial Aid counselor for more information.

14. Do I have to complete the internship requirement?

Yes. the internship is considered the Culminating Event for your Master’s degree. In rare cases, we will allow students to apply for a waiver of their requirement, please see our internship page for more information. In addition, students may speak with an advisor about replacing it with a Capstone or thesis project.

15. How do I find a work study job?

You can contact the NYU Career Wasserman Center to review the available resources or contact offices at NYU directly inquiring about available positions.

16. Aside from Albert, is there an online course directory?

Yes, on the registrar's website.

17. Is there a graduation ceremony for fall graduates?

No. Fall graduates are invited to attend the ceremony during the following spring semester in May. You may not walk in the preceding May; exceptions may be made for students completing less than 6 credits over the summer.