MA in International Education

Internship FAQ

Why is an internship required?

The program recognizes the need to link theory and practice; and therefore, each student is required to participate in a semester-long internship with an agency, office, or project involved in an aspect related to international education. The purpose of the internship is to acquaint the student with current practices in the field, to expose the student to the everyday life of the profession, and to develop the student's professional network to help them secure a job after graduation.  Internships can also lead to permanent employment.

What is the internship course called and what is the course number?

Field Study and Seminar in International Education, INTE-GE 2802

When can I do my internship?

You can do your internship after your first semester in the International Education program. You will get more out of your internship after you have had some foundation in international education theories to ground your internship experience.

How many credits should I register for?

You should register for 3.0 or 4.0 credits. The academic course requirements are the same whether you register for 3.0 or 4.0 credits; you will complete reflective journal entries and a final paper. Students registred for the 3-credit internship will be required to work a minimum of 135 hours while students registered for 4 credits will be required to work a minimum of 180 hours.

Can I do my internship hours one semester and register for the class in a different semester?

Because the internship course is offered in the fall, spring, and summer, you should enroll in the course in the same semester that you do your hours. Check with the program coordinator if you cannot take the course at the same time as you complete your internship hours.

How many hours do I need to work?

If you enroll in the internship course for 3 credits, you are required to do 135 hours of work at your internship site. If you enroll in the internship course for 4 credits, you are required to do 180 hours of work at your internship site in order to meet the New York State’s accreditation requirement for internship programs.  However, we encourage all students to work at least 180 hours in order to fully benefit from the internship experience. You can spread out your hours by working part-time over the course of a semester, or do them intensively by working full-time over the course of a few weeks. 

Can I work abroad?

Yes. You can work abroad through NYU’s Internship Abroad Program, or by securing your own placement abroad. Please be sure to have your internship placement approved by the program coordinator before going abroad.

How do I find an internship?
  • Explore your own interests:What is your area of specialization/geographic concentration? What organizations do interesting work in these areas? What kind of skills do you want to develop? What time of the year is best for you?
  • Research possible options:Look up relevant organizations on the interne, write to human resources and internship offices at these organizations, attend panels and job talks at NYU, communicate with program peers and alumni to find out about their experiences. See some examples of recent internship placements.
  • Apply: Apply early to internship opportunities that are posted on websites or list-serves. Be sure to apply to several options and to tailor your cover letters and resume to each case. (Free help on resumes is offered by the NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development).
  • Approval:Once you have chosen your possible internship sites, contact the program coordinator to make sure these options are approved by the program.
Do I need to have my internship approved before I start working?

Yes. Send an email to the program coordinator with a job description for approval before starting your internship.

Can I do a paid internship?

Yes. You may complete your internship requirement with a paid or unpaid internship. Please contact the program administrator to discuss your placement before you begin working.

Can I do my internship at my permanent, full-time job?

No. The internship provides you the opportunity to work in a new field and gain relevant work experience beyond your current job.

Exceptions to this rule are rare. However, if you would like to do an internship at your current job you must create a project focused on international education that is separate from your regular work duties. The project needs to be supervised by someone at your job site, evaluated by your supervisor, and should last a minimum of 135 or 180 hours. If you wish to create a project at your current job, please submit a one-page a proposal to the program coordinator before beginning to work on the project.

I have been working in international education for many years; do I still need to do the internship?

Yes.  The internship provides you the opportunity to work in a new field and gain relevant work experience beyond your current or past jobs.

Exceptions to this rule are rare; however, if you have worked in international education for more than five years and are not looking for a career change, you may request to waive the requirement. You must meet with your faculty adviser to discuss your individual circumstances and to request a waiver. If your adviser grants permission, you must register for a different 4.0 credit class in order to meet the program’s 40.0 credit requirement for graduation.

Why do I have to pay for the credits when my internship is unpaid?

Though you can do a paid internship, many placements you find will be unpaid. The reason you need to pay NYU for the credits is that the internship course is taught by a NYU faculty member. Along with completing the internship hours, you need to submit a journal and a 12-15 page paper for faculty review. Reasonably, this faculty member needs to be compensated for their time and effort.