International Education Student Board

Member Profiles

Current Board Members (2018-2019)

President - Melissa Maiellano

Hi friends! I joined NYU’s International Education program in the 2018 Fall Semester, and I’m honored to serve as this year’s President of the International Education Student Board. Originally from Pennsylvania, I attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown and received a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Studio Art. My travels and experiences abroad, including taking courses in Comparative Politics and Theories of Modern Democracy at Heidelberg University in Germany, led me to a profound interest in international studies. My love of languages and cultures continues to grow with learning Italian, Jewish, Native American, and Pennsylvania Dutch Studies in my free time. Over the years, I gathered work-related experiences in educational administration through administrative assistance and in education by teaching ESL at multiple levels, tutoring German, and mentoring adult students earning their high school diplomas. Before moving to New York, I worked in marketing and did some traveling within the United States. Returning to graduate school and studying International Education at NYU Steinhardt is a dream come true, and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skills in the areas of Global Education and Cross-Cultural Training, specifically in community-based projects which focus on conflict resolution and peace education. I’m thrilled to be a part of this team to create fun and insightful events for our entire IE community!

Vice President - Avery Springborn

Hello everyone! My name is Avery Springborn, and I’m the new VP of the IESB. I’m in my first semester of the IE program. I’m originally from Michigan, and I received my BA in Linguistics from Oakland University, where I also became certified in TEFL. After undergrad, I joined the Peace Corps and served two years in Cameroon as an education volunteer. I taught English and literature classes, ran girls health and education programs, facilitated literacy trainings, and got to explore the beautiful Cameroonian countryside. During my time there, I learned a lot about the barriers to education in different contexts. My experiences in Cameroon led me to pursue my MA with a focus on international development and education, and education in conflict zones particularly. Aside from scholarly pursuits, I love travel, hiking, and dancing with my hula hoop! I also speak French and am always looking for new conversation partners. I look forward to getting to know you all soon, and I hope we can foster a strong, supportive community of IE students here at NYU!

Treasurer - Abigail Sanchez

Howdy! My name is Abigail, I am from Brownsville, Texas and I am in my first semester of the IE Program. I graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2017 and received my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a minor in Latinx Studies. During my undergraduate career, I studied abroad with Semester at Sea where I fell in love with the world and different cultures and that’s what brought me to this program. I am passionate about international education and would like to work in my community creating and facilitating study abroad programs for first-generation students in the Rio Grande Valley. My expensive hobby is traveling, (24 countries and counting) and I’m always up for an adventure! I am very excited to be part of this board and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Communications Officer - Malikka Hutchins

My name is Malikka Hutchins and I am in my first semester of the International Education Program. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communication and a Certificate in Creative Writing from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. As a senior in undergrad, I taught my own accredited intro course for first-year students interested in Communication, I travelled abroad for the first time to South Korea, and I became a Global Ambassador for Study Abroad. I currently work as an International Program Assistant at NYU’s Office of Global Affairs, and I’m hoping to focus my future career in facilitating Study Abroad programs and making Study Abroad more accessible to underprivileged and marginalized students. I intend to make the most out of my time at NYU and I look forward to providing and partaking in the opportunities that the IESB has to offer!
Fun Fact: I am a Polyglot! I speak English, Arabic, Korean, and am currently learning Spanish.

Events Coordinator - Currently vacant


Past Board Members

President - Omar Escamilla

Hello IE students! My name is Omar Escamilla and I am a first semester student in the IE program. I graduated from DePaul University last June with a major in organizational communication and a double minor in intercultural communication and educational studies. I moved the Big Apple from the Windy City of Chicago and so excited to be in a city I always dreamed of living in. I was born in Mexico and moved to IL when I was seven and spent most of my life there. My passion for understanding the way that education crosses borders from my personal background immigrating to the United States, my education abroad, and working with foreign students through my position with Fulbright at IIE. I am so grateful to be a part of a community that brings unique knowledge and personal experience to engage in meaningful conversations to change the world and the way we educate our future generations.


Vice President - Jennifer O'Brien

Hey everyone, my name is Jennifer and I'm in my second semester of the I.E. program. I'm originally from San Diego: America's Finest City! I received my B.A. In Journalism and PR from the University of Oregon, (West Coast Best Coast) and moved to New York from D.C., where I was working with immigrant and refugee students. I’ve previously served as an AmeriCorps member in addition to interning at educational programs abroad in Ireland and South Africa. My main interests focus on how to improve domestic systems to support students of international and diverse backgrounds. 


Treasurer - Sara-Lee Ramsawak

My name is Sara-Lee Ramsawak and I received my bachelor's degree in International Studies from the Johns Hopkins University and my first master's degree in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University. While I am New York born and raised, I love all things international - food, culture, and otherwise. I have studied abroad in Australia, Ghana, and India and I continue to travel at every chance I get - socially, professionally, and academically. I currently work as the Associate Director of Academic Affairs at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the best part of my job is the fact that I get to work as the sole "global person" at the school, sitting on working groups, creating and administering Memorandums of Understandings with outside universities and international organizations, advising study abroad students, attending international education conferences and colloquiums, and putting on information sessions and international education events while constantly staying abreast of all the global happenings at the University and within the engineering field at large. I am completing my second master's in International Education to supplement this position and continue to increase my knowledge of the field. I am excited to get involved with the International Education program even further through IESB and absorb all that it has to offer


Communications Officer - Molly Dennen

My name is Molly Dennen and I am a first semester student in the International Education program. I received a B.A. from Rutgers University in Spanish and Political Science. For the four years before starting this program I was living and teaching English in Santiago, Chile to undergraduate students. During my time in Chile I developed an affinity for the Spanish language, travel, and global issues in education.


Events Coordinator- Emily Elliot-Meisel

A Nebraskan implant to NYC, I found myself in the Big Apple after studying international relations in college and working in Brazil for a few years. If ANYBODY is down for a caiprinha or pão de queijo, I'm always available. I fell in love with international education as an undergrad in DC and working with students in Brazil solidified that. Most importantly, I'm so excited to be at NYU and Steinhardt!


President - Carrie Colman

Hello fellow IE students! My name is Carrie and I hail from the great state of Virginia! After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in International Studies, I immediately succumbed to my wanderlust: I got a passport and bought a one-way ticket to Honduras to teach 6th grade in a tiny town in Honduras. My experience in Honduras, and the culmination of experiences abroad that followed after, profoundly impacted my worldview and desire to influence the world through education by working to remove barriers to learning and improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged learners, both domestically and abroad. At NYU, I want to delve into research that examines how education advances human rights and contributes to social changes, and how to help inform policies that address the underlying issues that perpetuate an environment in which a country’s educational system hinders development, instead of promotes it.

I am so excited to be a part of NYU’s vibrant community in the International Education program and to meet all of you!


Vice President - Jordan Byrne

Hey everyone!  My name is Jordan and I’m in my first semester in the IE program.  I am originally from a small town in Mississippi.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Italian, Business Administration, and Religion from the University of Mississippi. I studied abroad twice in Bologna, Italy and then was able to land a job for the same program and worked as the Program Coordinator for the last two years.  My experience in Italy and traveling abroad was the most rewarding experience to date. I look forward to deepening my studies here at NYU in order to achieve my goal of one day directing a study abroad program that stands out in the manner which it impacts its students.


Treasurer - Ifetoya Hall

Hey Y’all! My name is Toya Hall and this is my first semester with the IE program. I received my B.A in Political Science and African American Studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I also had the privilege to study aboard in Ghana for a summer. Originally from North Carolina, prior to beginning this journey, I lived in Houston, Texas and taught 5th grade math, reading, and writing within the Two Way Dual Language Program (TWDL). During my first two years in Houston I served as a corps member in Teach for America, teaching 3rd grade. I have always had a passion for education in particular education policy and reform and its effects on minority groups. I look forward to connecting with everyone and learning about your passions and interests!


Secretary - Alexa Ball

Hi, everyone! I’m Alexa and I’m currently in my first semester of the International Education Master’s program at NYU. I'm originally from Syracuse, NY, otherwise thought of as the vast and unknown 'upstate'. While earning my degree in biology from the University of Rochester, I happily fell into international education while studying abroad in Rome twice and I haven’t looked back since! Most recently I followed my passion for foreign languages and cultural exchange (and Italian food) to Turin, Italy where I taught multiple levels of ESL at a local middle school. I’m most interested in study abroad and exchange in higher education and how diversity and identity impacts students and faculty abroad. I’m extremely excited to be a member of the IE community and I’m looking forward to what my time at NYU brings!


Communications Officer - Mitali Dave

Hi, my name is Mitali Dave and I am a second semester student in the IE program. Originally from Mumbai (I moved here 10 years ago) I finished up my high school in a small town in northern NJ; I graduated from NYU, with a B.S. in Media, Culture and Communication (go Steinhardt!). I worked in publishing for the last few years but I always wanted to work on study abroad programs and cross cultural exchanges since I spent a semester at NYU Florence in my undergrad. I am looking forward to meeting my fellow IErs and learning more about the world and their experiences with it! 


Events Coordinator- Senait Chrisostomo

Hello everyone! I am from Seattle, Washington and completed my undergraduate degree in Marketing and International Business at the University of Washington. I have always been involved in education outreach in some capacity, but it wasn’t until after participating in multiple study abroad programs to Argentina, Brazil and Dominican Republic when I decided my passion is international education through cultural exchange.

Previously, I was the event coordinator for a non-profit organization in Atlanta that aimed to promote cultural awareness through travel, community service and food. I am excited to organize engaging events and activities with IESB and look forward to getting to know the IE community! 

President - Megan Jones

Hi everyone! My name is Megan and this is my first semester in NYU’s International Education Master’s program. I recently relocated to New York from Austin, Texas, after three years of working for a study abroad provider. I’m originally from the beautiful city of Cleveland, Ohio and am proud of it! I received my Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Spanish from Baldwin-Wallace College and had the privilege of studying abroad in Spain twice during my undergraduate career. I am absolutely thrilled to continue my education at New York University as I have always dreamt of studying, working or living in NYC.


Vice President - Zachary Levin-Epstein

Hey everyone! My name is Zachary Levin-Epstein, I am originally from the beautiful state of Maryland. I received my bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Arizona State University. After graduation, I served as an AmeriCorps Project Change member working with individuals with developmental disabilities transition from schooling to post-schooling life. Then, I put my teaching hat on and taught English in the Peace Corps in Macedonia for two years. After graduation, I want to pursue a career in study abroad programs, with a focus in the Balkans. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the IE program and exploring the wide world of international education together! 


Treasurer - Kayla Sorin

Hello all! My name is Kayla Sorin and I am thrilled to be a part of the Steinhardt International Education community. I'm in my first semester in the IE program and am really excited to connect with my fellow students and to the larger community at Steinhardt. I have always been passionate about education and have a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.S. in Special Education. I'm currently a teacher, have previously served as a corps member in Teach for America and am interested in working on policy and developing eduation systems domestically that are responsive to diverse populations and competence in an international case.


Secretary - Marisa Silva

Hello IE friends! My name is Marisa Silva and prior to starting this journey at NYU, worked as an assistant at Center for Supportive Schools where I helped to create and implement youth leadership programs across middle and high schools in the tri-state area. My true passion lies in student exchange and I am currently a volunteer at two study abroad organizations: YFU and AFS, where I am serving as a liaison for a wonderful high school student from Finland. I love to travel (as I'm sure many of you do) and this past summer of 2015 went on a Euro trip with one of my study abroad friends to Iceland, Germany, Portugal, and Spain! I'm also very proud of my Portuguese culture, which is mainly why I chose to study in Lisbon for a year during undergrad. I'd like to use this program as an opportunity to study in other regions like Africa or Latin America. I look forward to meeting all the great people in the program!


Events Coordinator - Alexandria Martinez

Hi Ya'll! I‘m a native of a small town in Tennessee and studied Organizational Communication at Middle Tennessee State University. I've come to NYU from a year teaching English in South Korea! Teaching and traveling in Asia was an amazing experience and what lead me to apply for my masters in International Education. I am excited to learn more about cross-cultural exchange and globalization in education. Before I moved to Korea I was an Event Coordinator at Emory University in Atlanta, GA for four years! I am excited to be apart of the NYU community and work on the board to help promote community through our program! 


Communications Officer - Sierra Zorn

Hi Guys! I’m Sierra Zorn and currently attending my first semester with the International Education program.  With a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Siena College, I plan on incorporating what I already know about cultures and focusing on child advocacy among them.  Working with foster and orphaned children abroad has jump started my interest in child advocacy cross culturally, and I’m excited to take my experiences and relate them to my studies here at NYU!


President - Amani Walker

Hey Y’all! My name is Amani Walker and I am first semester International Education Master’s Student. I come from the state of lovers and Cardinal birds- Virginia. In May 2014, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.A. in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. NYU has been my dream school since the age of 13 and it brings me great joy to finally be a member of this vibrant community! I have a sincere passion for empowering young girls and women through education and I look forward to learning how to do so on an international scale!


Vice President - Christy Bahr

Greetings! My name is Christy Bahr and this is my first semester in the International Education program. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I completed my undergraduate in International Studies and Japanese at the University of Washington in Seattle. Follow graduation, I worked in Japan for 5 years as a Coordinator for International Relations and then as a English/Japanese interpreter for the Japanese NGO Peace Boat. At NYU I’m focusing my studies on cross-cultural exchange and looking forward to meeting and conversing with you all!


Treasurer - Jillian Knapczyk

Hello everyone! My name is Jillian Knapczyk and I am first semester graduate student in the International Ed Program! I am originally from Chicago, where I received my B.A. in English Education
from Northern Illinois University. I am beyond honored to continue my education here at NYU Steinhart within the International Education department. I have always had an interest in other cultures— whether it was while backpacking through Europe, visiting the Caribbean, or living abroad in Northern China for a year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to learn more from the students and staff within NYU. I look forward to exploring more about development and globalization, and I can’t wait to meet more of my fellow classmates!


Secretary - Elizabeth Cox

My name is Elizabeth Cox! I have my bachelors from Lesley University in Counseling-Social Work and Expressive Arts Therapy. I have my masters in special education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in Special Education. Most recently, I spent two years teaching in an exceptional educational classroom in Kansas City as a corps member with Teach for America. Before that, I spent four months sailing the seas on the MV explorer traveling to over 13 countries.


Events Coordinator - Marissa Gutherz

Hello Fellow IE-ers! Originating from the booming metropolis of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, I have landed in New York City following a series of fortunate events. I started my career in education with the New York City Teaching Fellows and was afforded opportunities to work in both Ethiopia and Chile. My experiences there inspired me to study education and non-profit development through the IE program at NYU. Through this amazing program I have been afforded the chance to study in South Africa and research initiatives to improve the quality of education in New York City. As a student who entered the program in the spring I hope to help you all adjust to life in the Big Apple and navigate this amazing program through fun and innovate events!


Communications Officer - Michael Dixon

My name is Michael Dixon and I am coming to NYU as a first year graduate student from Raleigh, North Carolina. I was a high school Spanish instructor for 4 years and an English Instructor for a year. I have experience teaching and studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea, Madrid, Spain, Nuweid, Germany and Guanjuato, Mexico.  I have also explored the Philippines, Japan, Canada, and several other countries in Europe. I am passionate about study abroad and cross-cultural exchange, I think everyone should have the opportunity to have these unique experiences.  I am currently working at the OGS on NYU's Polytechnic school of Engineering campus.  I look forward to working with such a fantastic cohort here in New York! 


President - Jamie Remmers

Hello fellow International Ed students! My name is Jamie Remmers and I am a first semester graduate student in the International Ed program. Hailing from the far away land of Long Island, NY, I have been on quite the move the past few years since undergrad! After falling in love with the study abroad field I lived in Australia on a working visa and then took to traveling and increasing my experiences abroad. My passion for cross cultural exchange is what I am looking to master here at NYU. I think in an amazing program like this with people from all over the world we have a lot to learn from one another. As a board member, I hope to facilitate this to enrich our experience at NYU!


Vice President - Nadine Fahoum

I am a second semester student in the MA in International Education program. I was born in Haifa, Israel and I came to the United States on a full tennis scholarship and graduated from Duke University where played at the top singles and doubles position for the women’s varsity tennis team. Growing up I traveled to over 30 countries to compete in international tennis tournaments, including US Open and Wimbledon junior tournaments. Growing up as a Palestinian citizen of Israel, I was exposed to culture differences when I attended a private Hebrew speaking school. Navigating my own diverse background as a Palestinian citizen of Israel, I am determined to keep working on bringing both sides closer to a resolution that respects both the complexity of the region’s history and culture, as well as the dignity of both parties; as I have worked extensively both in Israel and in the US to promote coexistence between Arab and Jewish children living in Israel. I look forward to be able to apply what I learn in our program to my future social, political, and economic work. I look forward to make this year amazing for my fellow IE students!


Secretary - Erika Hardaway 

Hey everyone! My name is Erika Hardaway and this is my first semester in the International Education Program at NYU—I couldn’t be more excited! I received my B.A in Spanish literature and French language and culture from Hunter College in May 2013 and I’m honored and thrilled to continue my education at NYU. Although I am a proud native New Yorker, I have spent many summers living and working in Latin America with Amigos de las Américas, a non-profit youth leadership organization that changed my life. I look forward to focusing on international development and education in emergencies with the International Education Program and I can’t wait to meet my fellow students!


Treasurer - Valerie Nickels

Hello all! My name is Valerie Nickels and I started the International Education MA program Fall 2013. So far this experience has been amazing: from meeting the other graduate students, to getting to know the faculty and administration, to becoming familiar with the crazy amount of resources available at Steinhardt and NYU! I’ve been working with international students for the past several years and look forward to continuing to learn and grow within the field. I enjoy traveling (don’t we all), watching old movies, and trekking all over the city taking photos with my DSLR. I’m excited to get to know all you soon!


Communications Officer - Amie Schaefer

My name is Amie Schaefer; this is my first semester in the International Education Master’s program. Originally from a suburb of Chicago, I received my Bachelor’s from the University of Kansas where I majored in Humanities and minored in Latin American Area Studies. I studied abroad in Nicaragua during my undergraduate degree, and post-graduation, I took a job teaching English as a Second Language in Korea for one year. My international experiences and liberal arts education have fueled my interest in cross-cultural exchange, which led me to NYU. I am thrilled to be a part of the student board and I am eager to see what this year has in store for me and my classmates!


Events Coordinator - Lydia Witt

Hi! My name is Lydia Witt and I am originally from Dayton, Ohio. I graduated from Boston University where I studied Costume Production and Italian and then moved to New York to work in theatre and fashion production in 2006. Even then I felt that there was something out there better suited to my passions and interests and I am happy to say that the international education program is exactly what I was looking for! I am so happy to be a part of it and I look forward to meeting you all and supporting our community throughout the coming year!

President - Mirjam Grunenfelder

My name is Mirjam Grunenfelder and I began my studies here at NYU in the fall of 2012. I was born in New York City to Swiss parents but I’ve spent most of my formative years living abroad attending international schools. As an undergraduate at Bard College, I studied Foreign Languages and Literature, but I’ve always been interested in international affairs. I am so happy to have found an interdisciplinary master’s program that focuses heavily on the cross-cultural dynamics within the larger scope of international relations. Starting the International Education program at NYU has made me feel like I’m returning to my roots by meeting students and professors from all around the world with various professional backgrounds. I’m honored to be a part of the student board and I can’t wait to get to know my fellow students this year!


Vice President - Jordan Park

Hello.   My name is Jordan Park.  I am originally from Idaho, but I spent three years living, learning, and working in Japan as an English teacher.  My strong interest in cross-cultural exchange and international cooperation brought me to New York University.  I am very impressed by this program and its members, faculty, and resources.  I am living in International House, New York in the upper-west side.  I enjoy playing the piano, listening to music, and going out with friends.  I also have a reputation of being a huge Michael Jackson fan.  I’m excited for the year to come and hope for a chance to meet each of you. 


Secretary - Susana Toro

Hi! My name is Susana Toro and this is my first semester in the International Education program. I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a specialization in French. This past year, I was in Colombia teaching English and volunteering at an organization that provides education to children in impoverished areas. As a board member, I am really excited to help enrich our experience in the International Education program!


Treasurer - Elena Kim

Hello, everyone. My name is Elena. I was born and raised in Korea until my parents decided to move to Canada. I spent half of my life in Seoul and the other half in Toronto. Immersion into the very homogenous and very multicultural societies has sparked in me a long interest in the relations between place and psychological makeup of the collective and the individual. I consider my identity a relativistic product of the immigration dilemma, of which I wish to explore further with a special focus on immigrant adolescents. I am very happy that my passion and curiosity have brought me here at NYU and I wish for all of us to get as much out from this shared experience.


Communications Officer - Anna Hillary

My name is Anna Hillary and I am a first semester graduate student of International Education here at NYU. After completing my undergraduate degrees in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I spent nearly two years working in development in Argentina. I also completed consulting projects in Brazil and Mexico and traveled extensively throughout Latin America. From there, I moved to New York City and recently completed the New York City Teaching Fellows program and received my Master of Science in Bilingual Special Education from The City College of New York. I am very excited to combine my interests and experiences in order to promote international learning and cooperation!


Events Coordinator - Lynn O'Connell

Hey everyone! My name is Lynn O’Connell and I was born and raised in Bayside, Queens. I went to Gettysburg College where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  After college I worked in a home for teenage girls in Santiago, Chile and realized my love for all things international.  I have worked through language barriers prior to Chile as a counselor at a camp for inner-city deaf children for the past 10 years.  I am excited to combine my experience with at-risk children, languages, and living abroad to focus on International Development with the International Education Program!


Chair - John Warren

My name is John Warren and I am a second semester graduate student attending NYU’s International education program at Steinhardt. I am very proud to be a part of such an interesting and dedicated academic community. I have long been interested in all things international. My past experience teaching coupled with my thirst to learn more about education in the global context led me to this program. I can say with all confidence that I found what I was looking for here in the heart of Manhattan.


Operations Officer - Sara Lizzul

Hello hello All!  My name is Sara Lizzul. I am in my first semester at the International Education program at Steinhardt. I am originally from Flushing, Queens, attended Binghamton University, and received my Bachelors in Anthropology and History with a minor in Asian and Asian American Studies. Upon graduation, I traveled to Varanasi India, where I studied Hindi, learned Kathak, conducted research and wrote a fieldwork thesis entitled "Does Modesty Matter? A Study of Middle Class Hindu Women in Varanasi." My interest in international education formed while doing an internship for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's International Office. Shortly thereafter, I began working in Queens College's Education Abroad office as the Associate Director with a specialization in Asia. Acting as a Site Director during the winter and summer, I have led short-term study abroad programs to China, Japan, and India. I love crosswords, hot cocoa, running, and planning international trips. I look forward to representing and serving the IE student body voicing your concerns and needs and creating fun and informed experiences for us all!


Secretary - Weiluan (Lily) Dai

Hi, everyone! My name is Weiluan (Lily) Dai, which indicates I’m the only girl in my family. And friends also call me Lily. I was born and raised in north China, a city called Changchun where the winter is very cold but spring is pretty charming. I’m an international student and it is my first semester in International Education program. I just graduated from undergraduate this summer in China, and this is my first trip in America. As a student whose undergraduate major is language and literature, I’m always passionate about cross-cultural studies and international development education. Hope I will enjoy my two years in NYU!


Treasurer - Ting He

Hi, everyone! My name is Ting. I came from China 8 years ago, and received my bachelor’s degree in Asian Literature and Languages with a minor in Management at the University of Minnesota. This is my first semester at the International Education Program. Living in NYC and studying at IE program at New York University has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. While the program best suits my interest in promoting education equity cross-nationally, I have also been able to meet people from all over the world who share the same passion.  I like running, cooking, swimming and doing Yoga during my free time and I have also been learning snowboarding.  Nice to meet you all!


Communications Officer - Sabrina Tinsay

My name is Sabrina Tinsay and I am a first year graduate student. I am delighted to be part of the International Education Student Board. Born and raised in the Philippines, I experienced first hand the lack of educational opportunities that developing countries face. I completed my undergraduate degree at UCLA in International Development Studies with minors in Anthropology and Political Science. I hope to promote cross-cultural understanding, while forming lifetime relationships with students and scholars. I am thrilled to unify our student body through educational and social opportunities here at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development!


Activities and Events Coordinator - Evan George

Hello International Ed. students! My name is Evan George and I’m sure by now you know I am from Boston, Mass. This is my first semester in the graduate program and I am having a great time trying to keep pace with all of you intelligent and accomplished students. Prior to this, I was a middle school English teacher in New Orleans, and attended a private military college in Vermont. As your event coordinator I will be planning some great professional and social activities over the next year, stay up to date by checking your emails and the NYU International Education Graduate Program facebook group.

President - Yvonne Feiger

Hi! My name is Yvonne Feiger. I am an international student from Austria who joined the NYU community in Fall 2010. During my studies at the University of Vienna I was involved in a variety of student matters and would like to advance this interest while studying at New York University. Being president-elect of the International Education Student Board since October 2010 I regularly attend GSO meetings and want to extend my participation in student politics within the next academic year.


Vice President - Cindy Pineda

Hello Everyone!!!  My name is Cindy Pineda and I am privileged to be the Vice President for the International Education Student Board. I am in my second semester at the International Education Program at Steinhardt with a focus on International Development. I am originally from the sunny city of Los Angeles, CA, attended the University of California Berkeley, and received my bachelors’ in Psychology with a minor in Public Policy.  Upon graduation, I interned in Washington, DC, working on educational policy reform on Capitol Hill. While in Washington, I moved on to work as an Academic Adviser for a program called Upward Bound, chaired the Policy Committee for the District of Colombia of Consolidated Services and worked for the US Census Bureau 2010. My interest in international education came after I worked on a development project in the cities of Bogota, Cartagena and Ibague in Colombia. Being a huge advocate for change and multicultural exposure, I plan on bringing students of all backgrounds together to share their stories, passions and goals, and overall, experience the world from a different perspective. When I am not working on papers, studying for school or working 2 jobs, ekk, I like to work out, do yoga, run, cook, explore different restaurants and bars in the city, attend any free possible event the city has to offer, or just sit at a park on a sunny day and read!


Chief Executive - Leanne Tsuruda

Hi, my name is Leanne Tsuruda and I am excited to have this opportunity to represent my colleagues as the Chief Executive for IESB.  This is my second semester in the International Education Program here at Steinhardt.  I was born and raised in Southern California and completed my undergraduate degree in history at the University of California, Los Angeles.  After working as a teacher in Japan and a reporter in L.A., I am eager to pursue a master's degree in a field that melds together all of my passions.  I hope to help international students have a meaningful, valuable experience within the context of higher education in the United States.  When I'm not studying in Bobst, I enjoy exploring this vibrant city via jogging and eating!


Treasurer - Daniela Verma

Hi everyone! My name is Daniela Verma and I am very happy to be the treasurer for the first IE Student Board. This is my second semester in the International Education program and so far the experience has been great. I am originally from Helsinki, Finland, and am half Indian as well. I graduated from Binghamton University and double majored in Philosophy, Politics and Law, and English. My interest in International Education has developed over the years from having moved with my family to different countries, and going to various schools. I have always been interested in the international student experience as I have been one for most of my school years. Over the years I have gotten some experience in teaching in Finland as well as in England while doing study abroad. I was also a TA in undergrad. As a board member I am very excited about being a part of a new board that can enhance the student experience with various fun and educational events. During my free time I enjoy reading, hanging out in the city and playing basketball!


Event Chairman - Jayana Desai

Hi, my name is Jayana Desai and I am thrilled to assume the role of Event Chairman for the International Education Student Board (IESB). This is my second semester in the International Education program here at NYU Steinhardt with a focus on education development. Prior to entering the program, I worked in an Investment Bank and found while I enjoyed my work, something was missing, and thus the search began. I took some time off and worked with a non-profit organization in India to teach Basic English and Math to underprivileged children and that’s where my journey in International Education started. When I am not occupied with coursework, I am at a studio or gym practicing yoga or exploring different restaurants. I look forward to this amazing opportunity to represent and serve the student body with fun-filled, educational, and knowledge sharing activities with the aim to make graduate life a well-rounded experience for all. I hope to see you at one of our events!


Board Member - Krista Erickson


Hello, my name is Krista Erickson and I am proud to be a Board Member of IESB! I am currently in my second semester as a graduate student in Steinhardt’s International Education program. My academic and professional interests lie in study abroad and cross-cultural education, specifically in Africa and the Middle East. I hail from the great state of Washington, but enjoy taking advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that New York has to offer-free concerts, art exhibits, amazing restaurants and random pillow fights in Union Square! I love planning socials for the students of the IE program and am excited to see you all there at our events!


Board Member - Emily Orr

HI EVERYONE!  My name is Emily Orr and I am glad to be part of our very first International Education Student Committee. This is my second semester as a graduate student studying International Education. I have lived, studied, and worked overseas for the majority of my life, but before coming here I was residing in Georgia. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia in Japanese and Comparative Literature. Pursuing my Masters in International Education has been a unique and rewarding experience. As a Board Member, I am thrilled to have the chance to create a more engaging and enjoyable semester for the students studying International Education. When I am not studying, I am usually exploring the city, running in Brooklyn, or trying new foods.


Board Member - Wen Wang

Hi Everyone! 大家好!My name is Wen (Vivian) Wang, and I feel so glad to be one of the “founding mothers” of the International Education Student Board. I came from Beijing, the capital city of China, and finished my bachelor degree in English Literature and Culture at Beijing International Studies University. The Olympics’ voluntary experience raised my interest in the field of cultural exchange, which brought me to NYU. I also taught voluntarily in elementary school for migrant children and worked for NGOs in Beijing before moving to the States. I used to have a rather hard time in the city during the first two months, yet soon adjusted to the new environment with the help of the members in this lovely program. I wish you all a great time here, and will be happy to answer all your questions.