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Guides and Sources for Grants in International Education

Guides and Sources for Grants in International Education

Annual Register of Grant Support (Wilmette, IL: National Register Publishing Co.). This standard reference source details grant support programs of government agencies, public and private foundations, corporations, community trusts, unions, educational and professional associations, and special interest organizations. It is arranged by broad topics. Each program description contains details of the type, purpose, and duration of the grant, amount of funding available, eligibility requirements, and application instructions and deadlines.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (Washington, DC: Executive Office of the President). The catalog is a compendium of US government programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public, both individually and organizationally. It includes the departments and establishments of the federal government. Of particular interest are programs for profit and nonprofit organizations, specialized groups, and individuals. The catalog is divided into three basic sections: indices, program descriptions, and appendices. This provides the user with several avenues for locating a relevant grant program.

Directory of Financial Aids for International Activities (Minneapolis: Office of International Programs, University of Minnesota). This publication lists 453 awards available for scholars for study, research, travel, and teaching abroad. It contains a section on awards for study in degree programs at international schools, centers, and universities. Some awards are not restricted to US citizens or residents.

Fellowships, Scholarships, and Related Opportunities in International Education, Nancy McCormack, ed. (Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee). This is an alphabetical list of about 140 grants, scholarships, and fellowships for study, research, and teaching outside the US which are available to United States graduate students and faculty members. It is indexed by field of study and by country.

Fulbright Grants and Other Grants for Graduate Study Abroad (New York: Institute of International Education, annual). Published each year by the Institute of International Education, this brochure lists IIE-administered financial assistance programs available to American graduate students abroad. 

Grants for Graduate Study (Princeton: Peterson's Guides, 1992). More than 600 grants and fellowships are described. Compiled by the Office of Research Affairs at the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Directory of Research Grants (Phoenix, New York: Oryx Press, annual). Presents listings of government and nongovernment funding, and is one of the most comprehensive listings of research grants.

Grants Register: 1991-9, Lisa Williams, ed. (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1990). Listings are organized alphabetically by award or award-granting institution; entries are comprehensively indexed by subject. This book has many of the same listings as the Annual Register mentioned above. It is a worldwide compendium of government and private agency sources of financial assistance, exchanges, grants-in-aid, prizes, and special awards.

Grants-at-a-Glance (Washington, DC: Association for Women in Science (AWIS). A helpful source for women in the sciences. For further information on AWIS' services and other AWIS publications, write: The Association for Women in Science, 1346 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite #1122, Washington, DC 20036.

 iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) 

International Research and Exchanges Board Program Announcement (New York: International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) (annual). This bulletin describes the academic exchange programs, fellowships, and travel grants that are administered by IREX for faculty, eligible scholars, and advanced doctoral candidates for work in Eastern Europe. .

 NAFSA – Association of International Educators 

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans, Volumes VII and VIII, S. Norman and Maria Feingold, eds. (Bethesda, MD: Bellman Publishing). Volumes VII and VIII provide over 2,150 detailed sources for student aid. They list foundations agencies that offer financial support for graduate and other study and research. Of particular significance is the "Vocational Guide Index," which lists funding agencies and requirements for each of the 262 vocations. Sources included are primarily for US citizens These volumes are updated by the Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loan News Service and Counselors Information Services

Selected List of Fellowship Opportunities and Aids to Advanced Education for United States Citizens and Foreign Nationals (Washington, DC: National Science Foundation). This publication is an alphabetical list of financial aid programs which are sponsored by organizations in the United States for all levels of students. 

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans: A Guide to Education-Related Financial Aid Programs for Students and Professionals (Detroit; GALE) Foundation Center and its Resources Various publications are published by The Foundation Center in New York, which also has research libraries throughout the country (Cleveland, Washington, and San Francisco). The New York address is The Foundation Center 79 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10003 tel. 212-620-4230

 U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education - Programs

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