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Diversity and Inclusion Student Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DISC), started earlier in the 2015, is a new group looking to do big things. Created and led by students, this group will address various community needs within our department including providing a safe space for various issues of diversity can be discussed, fostering cultural competency skills in academic and professional settings, building a more inclusive community, and integrating more practices within the department that serve students of all backgrounds. The committee’s goal is that these initiatives will provide a guiding framework for our educational, professional, and personal endeavors.

What is DISC?

DISC is a student-organized committee that seeks to address various community needs within the Humanities and Social Sciences department including fostering cultural competency skills in academic and professional settings, building a more inclusive community, and integrating more practices within the program that serve students of all backgrounds.

In efforts to uphold and maintain NYU’s commitment to diversity which strives to create a "community of scholars comprised of faculty, students, and staff, this is inclusive of divergent backgrounds and historically underrepresented groups, NYU engages a diversity of viewpoints, perspectives, and approaches,” the Diversity and Inclusion Committee will host programs and trainings that will prepare students in the field humanities and social sciences.

What happens in DISC?

The purpose of DISC is to both give a space to students to speak about diverstiy and inclusion, as well as create events for students to get involved and act on it. The committee independently organizes or collaborates with other organizations both university-wide and city-wide to coordinate additional guest speaker sessions, workshops, trainings, and events. DISC will also weekly notify students of any relevant events happening around the city and provide resources and readings for additional learning.

How can you be involved?

You can become a member of the Committee! You will have a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow students from Steinhardt and the rest of the university and develop close inter-cohort and inter-university networks, build important skills for practicing social justice in your personal and professional life, and plan transformative initiatives for incorporating social justice practices in higher/international education and creating equitable learning environments for marginalized students.

Please be advised that participating as a member of the committee requires a time commitment of 2-3 group meetings per month and any additional time for planning/events.

How else can I participate in DISC?

We welcome all forms of support and/or participation! You can help us find speakers, suggest topics for discussion that you are interested in learning more about, notify us of events going around in the city, etc.

We also welcome you to attend DISC sessions as a participant. You can just listen and learn more about various topics while sitting back enjoying coffee and snacks or by actively joining the discussion! Your presence is greatly appreciated and we are open to any suggestions or ideas!

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.