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FAQ - Interdepartmental Research Studies

Q: I am working on my dissertation and I urgently need help with the statistical analysis. What resources are available to me?
A: The university has a team of statistical consultants at the Data Services Studio (DSS).

Q: Should I take Basic Statistics, Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSBS) or Biostatistics?
A: If you are a doctoral student, you must take two terms of either SSBS or Biostatistics. There are important differences between the emphasis in each course. Look at Statistics course policies and Policy exceptions for more detailed information. Master's students may take any of the three options, but those pursuing health majors should consider the Biostatistics sequence as it is oriented toward those disciplines.  Also, those intending to take coursework beyond the first year should not take Basic Statistics, but rather SSBS or Biostatistics.

Q: Do I need to take a statistics course before taking Empirical Research Methods?
A: This depends on the instructor, so it is recommended that you review the syllabi for that term. In general it is not a prerequisite, but it is considered helpful, so taking it as at least a co-requisite is advised.

Q: Do I need to take Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSBS) before taking Intermediate and Advanced Quantitative Methods?
A: Yes, both terms I & II. Biostatistics I & II is a valid prerequisite as well. Look at Statistics course policies and Policy exceptions for more detailed information. It is possible to have this waived with prior equivalent statistical training. Basic Statistics I & II is not an acceptible prerequisite -- it is effectively a terminal sequence.

Q: I have a scheduling conflict with an IDRS course I want to take. Are there other courses in the school you would recommend?
A: First, if your scheduling conflict leads you to consider the terminal Basic Statistics sequence, this is inadvisable if you want to continue taking more advanced statistics classes.  Next, it is recommended that you take courses in the IDRS program whenever possible, so first consult the IDRS schedule in Albert. We have compiled a list of possible univeristy-wide alternatives/supplements in a Related Courses link; your choices should be made in close consult with an adviser, and your expectations for future classes should be closely considered.

Q: I am a student at a university other than NYU and would like to enroll in a course. Can I do this?
A: Yes, as long as you have the equivalent course prerequisites. You have to enroll as a non-matriculated/special student. Information on this process is available on the Non-Matriculated Special Student Information Guide.

Q: Does IDRS offer a stand alone undergraduate or graduate degree program?
A: No. IDRS offers only courses in research studies for students who are enrolled in degree programs throughout Steinhardt.