Courses - Interdepartmental Research Studies

E10.2401.001 Statistical Counseling

This 1-point course is designed to assist graduate students in the quantitative methods specific to their theses. After an initial meeting as a group, additional meetings are arranged, both one-on-one, and in smaller groups. The students refine their research methodology under the guidance of a statistician. Specific analytic techniques are suggested and some guidance is provided in learning any new material, but for the most part, this is left to the student via self-study.

The course is open to doctoral students who have completed their proposals and are at the data analysis phase, or have very detailed design issues to address at the proposal stage (choice of appropriate analytic technique and required sample size is an example). It is not a course in "choosing/refining the research questions" of a proposal. If the student can learn the needed statistical methods in Advanced Statistics I & II, Experimental & Quasi-Experimental Design, or Survey Research Methods, then that is the preferred approach, as this is primarily an advisement course. For those who have taken such courses or are very far along in their doctoral research, the course offers an opportunity to explore their specific methodological problems in depth.