Commission on Gender, Race, and Social Justice

The Commission on Gender, Race, and Social Justice of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development is committed to challenging oppression and discrimination in their many forms through teaching, scholar-ship, and other academic pursuits. Commission activities support critical inquiry into hierarchies of power affecting the interweaving social locations of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, age, ability, culture, nationality, religion, and related areas. In this spirit, the commission seeks to promote inter-change among faculty concerned with social justice and to work toward the following goals.

  • To create arenas in which to address issues pertaining to gender, race, and social justice and, in particular, to encourage the professions represented in the Steinhardt School of Education to become more responsive to these issues.
  • To foster and integrate feminist and other critical scholarship that focuses on hierarchies of privilege as they affect individuals and groups in diverse social locations.
  • To encourage teaching that addresses social justice issues in the various disciplines and professions, as these issues impact on both individuals and communities.
  • To provide a supportive and collegial context for faculty interested in issues of gender, race, and social justice within the school, the University, and the broader community.