BA in Education Studies


Core Faculty

Carol Anne Spreen
Associate Professor of International Education,

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 212-992-9475
Specialization in political and socio-cultural studies of educational change, teachers lives and work, educational quality and school achievement, the global impact of corporate privatization on education equity, and participatory action research.

Fabienne Doucet
Associate Professor of Education
Phone: 212 998 7390
Email: (@bailabomba on Twitter)
Specialization in immigration, early childhood education, culture and race in the classroom.

Michael J. Dumas
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Phone: 212-998-5520
Specialization in cultural political economy of urban education and the cultural politics of Black education.

Affiliated Faculty

Rene Arcilla, Professor of Philosophy of Education

Lisa Stulberg, Associate Professor of Sociology of Education

Sean Drake, Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow, Sociology of Education

Dominic Brewer, Professor of Education, Economics and Policy; Gale and Ira Drukier Dean

Joseph Cimpian, Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy

Sean Corcoran, Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy

Leanna Stiefel, Professor of Economics

Meryle Weinstein, Research Assistant Professor of Education Policy

Dana Burde, Assistant Professor of International Education

Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, Assistant Professor of the International Education

Philip M. Hosay, Professor of International Education

Elisabeth King, Associate Professor of International Education

Robert Cohen, Professor of Social Studies Education

James Fraser, Professor of History and Education

Jack Buckley, Research Associate Professor

Peter Halpin, Associate Professor of Applied Statistics

Daphna Harel, Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics

Jennifer Hill, Associate Professor of Social Sciences

Ying Lu, Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics (Biostatistics)

Todor Mijanovich, Research Associate Professor

Elizabeth Norman, Professor of Nursing

Marc A. Scott, Associate Professor of Educational Statistics

Sharon L. Weinberg, Professor of Educational Statistics and Psychology


Professor Carol Anne Spreen
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Jamie Remmers
Senior Student Adviser