MS in Applied Statistics for Social Science Research


The Data Science for Social Impact concentration provides intense training on the breadth of skills required today to work effectively with the government, non-for-profits, evaluation firms, and other organizations that use data to impact society. This concentration is one of the first to focus on ethical concerns surrounding data collection and use as well as challenges involved in succinctly and effectively communicating findings and their implications. Students in this concentration would be well positioned to work in a wide variety of careers at the intersection of data and society or a social science doctoral program.

The Computational Methods concentration provides more rigorous training in methodological theory and development, particularly appropriate for students who will progress to PhD programs in statistics, economics, or computer science.

The General Applied Statistics concentration offers maximal flexibility, allowing the student to customize their program by selecting from a large set of statistics and related classes. Students from this track have pursued careers in industry, research, and doctoral programs that are consistent with their course work and internship experiences.