MS in Applied Statistics for Social Science Research

Resources and Internship Placements



The required internship is aimed towards providing practical learning experiences in your chosen field of specialization. In this class, you will gain experience working with "real world" data alongside a faculty member or in a local firm, nonprofit organization or policy think tank. You will receive practical training focused on the kinds of issues that researchers face in collecting and analyzing data.

Finding an Internship
  • Explore your own interests: What is your area of specialization/concentration in Applied Statistics? What organizations are doing interesting work in these areas? What kind of skills do you want to deelop? What time of the year is best for you?
  • Research possible options: Look up organizations in our field on the internet, write to human resources and internship offices at these organizations, attend panels and job talks gien at NYU, communicate with program peers and alumni to find out about their experiences.
  • Apply: Apply early to internship opportunities that are posted on websites or list-seres. Apply to seeral options and tailor your coer letters and resume to each. (Free help on resumes is offered by the NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Deelopment).
  • Approal: Once you hae chosen your possible internship sites, email your academic adiser to make sure these options would be approed by the program.
  • Enroll: Once you find your internship placement, you should enroll for the A3SR Internship course, APSTA-GE 2310.
Helpful Links

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Examples of Internship Placements

3M Health Information Systems

CME Group

Institute of Human Development and Social Change

Manhattan Institute 


The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

New Visions for Public Schools


NYC Dept of Education

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Governance Lab

Roche Translational & Clinical Research Center

SUNY Charter Schools Institute 

United Nations

The Urban Assembly

World Education Services