ASD Nest Program New Staff Training Schedule

Prior to beginning work in the ASD Nest program, all teachers and therapists complete specialized graduate level training in working with students with autism spectrum disorders. The training is provided by, and takes place at, Hunter College, at no cost to the students. NYU’s ASD Nest Support Project staff facilitate the training in collaboration with Hunter College and the principals of Nest schools. Below is information about the courses and typical class schedules.

Below is an overview of New Staff Training

Hunter College Pre-Service Training Courses

SPEDE 771:
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics, implications for intervention, assessment and educational strategies

  • 3 credits, 12 sessions
  • For teachers, SLPs, OTs, and Social Workers

SPEDE 772:
Behavioral theory and its application to children with special needs

  • 3 credits, 12 sessions For teachers and Social Workers
  • Optional for OTs

Information about dates and times of Hunter College courses and SDI Teacher Training will be updated as it becomes available