ASD Nest Support Project Family Newsletter

The ASD Nest Support Project values the support we can provide families by maintaining ongoing communication. Research shows that good communication is essential for children’s maximum progress. Children can be more successful in school and in the community when parents and schools work as a team.

To this end, the ASD Nest Support Project has developed a new means of communication for families in Nest program schools: The ASD Nest Support Project Family e-newsletter.

A biweekly e-newsletter is sent to all parents/guardians of students new to the Nest program. It provides:

  • tips about supporting your child’s social development
  • suggestions to help your child with homework and challenging behaviors
  • a parenting Q & A column
  • dates/times/locations of upcoming workshops and other events
  • updates on recent research in autism and related fields
  • books and other resources you may want to explore

Families that have already received all 28 issues of the e-newsletter will automatically receive periodic issues of "Thought you'd like to know: information for families about the ASD Nest program and the children found therein." Each issue explores a different topic such as "math myths" or "writing challenges."

Families interested in signing up for the newsletter should contact their school's social worker or guidance counselor.