Studio Art Minor

Studio Art Minor

Below are requirements for students who declared the Studio Art minor prior to Fall 2017. Requirements for those declaring the minor beginning Fall 2017 can be found here

The undergraduate Studio Art minor requires 16 points taken in the Department of Art and Art Professions. As a complement to studio art practice minors are encouraged to attend exhibitions and visiting artist lectures held weekly in the department.


Students select one intro course from each of the three core areas and one corresponding intermediate topics course.

For example: Intro to Drawing, Intro to Sculpture, Intro to Digital Photo, and Topics in Drawing.


Students select two intro courses and two corresponding intermediate topics courses from the same or two different core areas.

For example: Intro to Printmaking, Topics in Printmaking, Intro to Ceramics, and Topics in Ceramics.

Core Areas

1. Drawing/Painting/Printmaking (4 points)
Intro to Drawing I, ART-UE101
Intro to Painting I, ART-UE103
Intro to Printmaking I, ART-UE105
Topics in Drawing, ART-UE1120 (prerequisite ART-UE101)
Topics in Painting, ART-UE1140 (prerequisite ART-UE103)
Topics in Printmaking, ART-UE1160 (prerequisite ART-UE105)

2. Sculpture/Ceramics/Metalsmithing (4 points)
Intro to Sculpture I, ART-UE201
Intro to Metalsmithing, ART-UE501
Intro to Ceramics I, ART-UE 503
Topics in Sculpture, ART-UE1230 (prerequisite ART-UE201)
Topics in Ceramics, ART-UE1540 (prerequisite ART-UE503)
Topics in Metalsmithing, ART-UE1520 (prerequisite ART-UE501)

3. Photography/Digital Art/Video/Design (4 points)
Intro to Digital Photo, ART-UE300
Intro to Photo I, ART-UE301
Intro to Digital Art I, ART-UE303
Intro to Video I, ART-UE305
Intro to Design I, ART-UE 401
Intro to Design II, ART-UE 402
Topics in Photo, ART-UE1320 (prerequisite ART-UE300 or ART-UE301)
Topics in Digital Art, ART-UE1340 (prerequisite ART-UE303)
Topics in Video, ART-UE1360 (prerequisite ART-UE305)
Topics in Design, ART-UE1430 (prerequisite ART-UE401 and ART-UE402)

More Information

General Descriptions of Art Department Courses

It is important that students first check with their major adviser to determine how these minors fit into their undergraduate curriculum before declaring a minor.

For further information on Studio Art Minors please contact Mary Ann Santos at