M.A. Studio Art Summer in Berlin

Please Note:
The M.A. in Studio Art: Summer Program in Berlin
is currently under faculty review.

The M.A. in Studio Art: Summer Program in Berlin, Germany program provides artists, students of art, and current and prospective art teachers an opportunity to do serious creative studio work  for university credit.

The program utilizes a contemporary atelier model of studio instruction. Coursework does not strictly follow a segmented course structure and classes are instead designed to organically intersect and flow into one another. The instructional approach takes many forms, including, workshops, lectures, seminars and critiques. Students are expected to develop and refine an individual artistic voice and are regularly provided with personal instruction from faculty and visiting artists, curators, and theorists. Contemporary art theory is fused throughout the program with ongoing lectures, seminars and visits to museums, galleries, artist studios and other cultural sites.

Large open studios provide a unique and stimulating working environment where ongoing dialogue and ideas are freely exchanged between students, faculty, and visiting artists and curators. Students work across multiple artistic disciplines and develop a body of artwork driven by individual interest. Studio work is further enriched by evening and weekend events, social activities, and ongoing instruction in German language and culture. The program culminates in a group exhibition held during the final week of the semester.

A required core sequence engages students and faculty in a dynamic dialogue about contemporary art issues and serves as the foundation upon which students build their studio concentration during three intensive summer sessions in Berlin.