Instructions for Transfer Applications

Instructions for Transfer Applications


Step 1:
Visit the NYU Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Applicants page for requirements and an outline of the application process for transfer students.

Step 2:
Submit your Portfolio- Follow the Portfolio Guidelines instructions detailed on the How to Apply page.  

Transfer Credit
One of your major concerns as a transfer student will be how much credit you will receive for previous course work. We are committed to maximizing the number of credits you can transfer toward your program of study.

At the time of admission, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions awards credit for courses taken at other accredited two- and four-year institutions with grades of C or better that satisfy the requirements for specific liberal arts courses and unrestricted electives in the degree program for which you have applied. In those institutions where a grade of C is the lowest passing grade, then a grade of B will be the lowest grade considered transferable. The faculty director of your program will evaluate any specialization courses that might count toward your major.

You will receive a Statement of Transfer Credit with your offer of admission. A statement marked "tentative" means either that we are missing official transcripts for course work you completed during the application process or that we have asked the faculty director of your program to review specialization courses for possible credit. The program director may contact you for additional information—a course description or course syllabus—before making the decision about awarding credits. The faster you respond to requests for additional information, the sooner you will know how many credits you will transfer.

Questions about the transfer application process should be directed to Lonnie Woods at


NYU Internal Transfer & Change of Major Applicants

Spring  Start:
University application: November 1
Portfolio Submission: November 1

Summer/Fall Start:
University application: March 1
Portfolio Submission: March 1

External Transfer Applicants

Spring  Start:
University application: November 1
Portfolio Submission: November 1

Summer/Fall start:
University application: April 1
Portfolio Submission: April 1

Your portfolio may arrive any time before the deadline, but will not be reviewed until your application for admission is complete. Portfolios received after the deadline will not be reviewed.

We suggest that you submit your Common Application one month in advance of these deadlines. Submitting your Common Application early will leave you more time to prepare your portfolio.
Portfolio Guidelines

Your portfolio should be a selection recent artworks that represent your artistic interests and demonstrate your technical skills and ability. Work submitted can be in any style or medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, video, photography, digital art, installation, sound, etc.). Work should demonstrate the exploration of ideas and creative approaches to subject matter and materials.

Online Porfolio Submissions Instructions:
  • All components of your portfolio must be submitted through
  •  You must create or log-into your existing account on Setting up an account is free.
  •  All applicants must pay a $10.00 submission fee.
  •  All portfolios must be submitted by the application deadline.
Porfolio Submission Details
Your portfolio must include:
  • 12-15 images of recent artworks done in any medium. Each image must contain the work’s title, year completed, medium and size (ex. Self Portrait, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 11”x14”). You have the option to include videos in your portfolio. Videos can be a compilation of various works, but the total runtime cannot exceed five minutes.

  • A one-page “Transfer Statement” describing:
  1. Your reasons for applying to transfer to the NYU BFA in Studio Art Program.
  2. The influences, experiences, common themes and interests that have impacted your art practice.
  3. Summary of previous and/or current coursework taken in art including all college-level studio art, art history and/or art theory classes. List in the following format (class title, semester taken, grade received/in progress).