Fall 2018 Undergraduate Featured Courses

Art and Art Professions

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Featured Courses

ARTT-UE 1010 Introduction to Art Therapy
Fundamental principles of art therapy practice will be presented through theoretical discussions and case presentations. Students will learn the historical development of the profession, its distinction from other disciplines and its commonalities to social sciences. This course will examine the art of making processes and products through basics pictorial analysis. Students will study the artistic expression of children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations struggling with varied emotional and physical issues in different settings.
ARTT-UE 1010 | 3 units | Section: 001
Thu 1.00 PM - 3.30 PM at BARN 403 with Berberian, Marygrace

ARTCR-UE 10 Art: Practice & Ideas
Art: Practice and Ideas' examines key developments in the visual arts from modernity to the present. Focusing on the ways in which representations both create and reflect the values of a society, the course introduces students to the full range of expressive possibilities within the visual arts, covering painting and sculpture, as well as photography, film, video, conceptual art, and computer media. Topics to be covered include classical, modern, and postmodern relationships to politics, vision, the mind, the body, psychology, gender, difference, and technological innovation. Students will see and understand how artists have integrated perceptions of their historical moment, as well as physical and social space, into creative practices that have, in turn, had a significant impact on the culture of the time. Liberal Arts Core/MAP Equivalent - satisfies the requirement for Expressive Cultures.
ARTCR-UE 10 | 4 units |Section: 001
Mon 11.15 AM - 2.35 PM at BARN 105 with Gookin, Kirby

ARTCR-UE 55 Art of Now
This course examines the current developments in contemporary art over the past decade – the art of ‘now’ – from the viewpoint of an artist’s practice & working ideas, looking at current global art production in aesthetic, economic, & social contexts. The major movements in painting, photography, sculpture, installation & performance are examined. Readings will be drawn from first hand interviews & point-of-view accounts, reviews, & critique; a major emphasis on interviews & online studio visits will accompany the texts. Guest artist lectures & off-site museum & gallery viewings will complement the weekly visual presentations & theory conversations. Liberal Arts Core/CORE Equivalent - satisfies the requirement for Expressive Cultures.
ARTCR-UE 55 | 4 units | Section: 001
Wed 12.30 PM - 3.50 PM at BARN 105 with Kabat, Jennifer

ARTCR-UE 1155 Art and Ideas: Speaking the Other, Korean Diaspora and Beyond
This course considers the history and possibilities of imagining and representing the Other and the Unknown. It is centered on the close study of films, texts and media, including Yermek Shinarbaev’s Revenge, on the Korean diaspora in central Asia, Susana Aikin’s The Salt Mines, Kpop, texts drawn from critical theory, fiction, and the news. Through experimentations with various media ranging from writing, storytelling, films and diagrams, students are asked to find ways to bring the unknown to the realm of the familiar, while questioning the merits of this practice.
3 units | Class#: 20931 |Section: 001
Tue 1.00 PM - 4.20 PM at BARN 502 with Kim, Sung Hwan

ART-UE 1002 Introduction to the Galleries and Museums of New York
Survey a broad spectrum of visual art resources through guided lecture-tour visits to current exhibitions at leading museums, galleries & alternative art spaces located throughout New York City. Onsite meetings with art administrators affiliated with various organizations shed light on a wide range of career & management issues pertaining to the field & add to an understanding of the development & continued growth of New York's exciting art world.
ART-UE 1002 | 3 units  | Section: 001
Fri12.30 PM - 3.00 PM at BARN 403 with Schreibman, Vida

ART-UE 1002 | 3 units | Section: 002
Wed 12.30 PM - 3.00 PM at BARN 402C with Anderson, Noel W

ART-UE 1002 | 3 units | Section: 003
Wednesday 12.30 PM - 3.00 PM at BARN 508 with Barton,Nancy A

Non-Major Studio Art Courses
Courses are offered at two levels, students must take them sequentially. These courses also help satisfy Minor in Studio Art. Open to all students. Each course is 4 units. See Albert course search for section information.

ART-UE 101 Drawing I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 103 Painting I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 105 Printmaking I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 107 2D Fundamentals I
ART-UE 201 Sculpture I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 300 Digital Photography for Non-Majors
ART-UE 301 Photography I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 303 Digital Art I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 305 Video Art I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 314 4D Fundamentals I
ART-UE 401 Design I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 501 Metalsmithing I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 503 Ceramics I for Non-Majors

Non-Major II Studio Art Courses
I course in same medium or previous experience in respective area required as prerequisite.

ART-UE 102 Drawing II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 104 Painting II for Non-Majors
RT-UE 106 Printmaking II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 202 Sculpture II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 304 Digital Art II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 306 Video Art II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 402 Design II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 504 Ceramics II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 302 Photography II for Non-Majors

ART-UE 1421 Design Studio for Non-Majors
A continuing exploration of graphic design to help students refine their skills & develop more personally expressive ways to solving problems through visual communication. Assignments, readings, & research projects will allow students to consider the complex nature of graphic design. Both traditional & digital approaches to typography & layout will be incorporated with a wide range of assignment. A priority is placed on the use of concepts to dictate design techniques & on the pursuit of a genuinely creative vision. Open to Non-Majors $350 fee non refundable after first week of classes Prerequisite: Design I for Non Majors and Design II for Non Majors
ART-UE 1421 | 4 units | Section: 001
Thu 5.45 PM - 9.05 PM at BARN 204 with Fitzgerald, Theresa

ART-UE 1421 | 4 units | Section: 002
Wed 5.45 PM - 9.05 PM at BARN 401 with Nova Milne,Richard

ART-UE 1896 Rhino and 3D Modeling
3D Modeling with Rhino is an introduction to 3D modeling using the Rhino computer program for Mac OS X. Students gain the technical knowledge needed to push rigorous exploration of 3D modeling, both in the physical and digital realm. The course covers basic model manipulation and rendering operations. The course also reviews the history of 3D printing and an examination of how modeling for 2D differs from modeling for physical output. By course end, students will have the opportunity to output their work via CNC milling, 3D printing, or 2D rendered visualization.
ART-UE 1896 | 3 units
Tue 8.55 AM - 12.15 PM at BARN 401 with Martinez, Emily A
Notes: Course Repeatable for Credit. Studio Art BFA prioritized. Some room for non-majors, contact lw1024@nyu.edu.

ART-UE 90 Color
Introduces the use of color through analytical & observational exercises. A series of color theory exercises will be followed by painting exercises. The interrelatedness of color & meaning of color will be emphasized.
2 units | Class#: 13127 | Section: 001
Thu 4.30 PM - 7.30 PM at BARN 404 with Ranee, Erika

ART-UE 1999 Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Art Projects in Studio Art: Body Painting Photo
The artist’s body measures the world. In this class student/artists use their own body as a starting point to make art through painting, digital photography, video, and/or performance as well as a mixture of these mediums. These media interchanges allow student/artists to incorporate painting and photography / video into their art at once. Art processes and their mixtures will be taught along with the contemporary history and conceptual ideas of interdisciplinary art to help frame juxtapositions.
3 units | Class#: 20929 | Section: 001
2.00 PM - 5.20 PM at BARN 507 with Pryor, Gerald
Notes: Open to BFA students and other by permission. Contact gp1@nyu.edu.

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