Art and Art Professions


Barney Building Galleries

Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 14, 5-7pm. On view through March 3.
Works by: Dylan Cameron, Blaise Cepis, Daniel Dorso, Gilbane Peck, and Thomas Tomczak
Meaning to spoil the appearance of something or create something new, DISFIGURATION examines the crossing of boundaries between what is real and what is created within the mind. What does it truly mean to break up the conventional grid? With this exhibition, other content presents works by artists who seek to redefine buttoned-down meanings and attitudes and to construct new encounters surrounding the human figure and the body in relation to the female gaze. This long discourse shrouding the male perspective toward the female body has been predominant throughout the history of art and remains a matter of contention today. Ultimately, DISFIGURATION acts as a point of departure toward a new female gaze. This exhibition was organized by Eleanor Fruchter, Marguerite Wynter, and Briana Zimmerman, along with the help of other content, an extension of the MA program in Visual Arts Administration at the Department of Art and Arts Professions in NYU Steinhardt School. other content is comprised of interdisciplinary student artists and curators dedicated to creating new, innovative ideas through exhibition display and curatorial practices. They work to forge ideas through site-specific exhibitions, disrupting traditional definitions of what it means to curate. The collective remains dynamic as students join and leave, but their respective creative visions continue to add to the progression of the group, creating an ever-evolving engine of curatorial innovation. Emerging from the NYU Curatorial Collective, this exhibition marks their second show as a newly formed collective. Special thank you to Sandra Lang, Tammy Lee Brown, and Nicola Lees.

Graduate Art Therapy Student Works
Opening Reception: February 14, 7-9pm
On View: February 14-March 3, 12-10pm Daily
Featuring works by the graduate Art Therapy students: Melissa Alvey, Viviana Arenas, Athena Castillo, Shawn Clod, Krystal Cooper, Heather Foster, Amy Fuks, Elia Khalaf, Hsin-Yi Lin, Christina Mazzei, Kathryn Moreno, Tiffany Pollack, Rachel Protter, Sarah Mosteller, Veli Sadiku, Bettina Sementelli, Jennifer Sever, Hanna Shon, Gabriella Silverstein, Lizzi Smith, Celeste Walters, Beatriz Williams, Jena Shellito, and Kathryn Harmon. 
Judith Schwartz Presents: Material Matters: Celebrating Sculpture in Craft Media
Opening date: October 11.
The primal and playful act of creating objects with a foundation of fully developed mastery of materials makes it all the more possible for artists to convey meaningful concepts, thoughts, and feelings. Such sustained ability produces unexpected discoveries. Knowledge based on accumulated experience invites playful improvisation and confidence so aesthetic choices become easily internalized and rendered with significant impact.

The artists represented in this show share a common core of a particular training—an education in art that coalesces traditional skill building, historical perspective, postmodernist theory and the diverse new wave of a hybrid practice that makes up the contemporary art world.

Artists include: Steve Montgomery, Linda Casbon, Shida Kuo, Matt Nolen, Claudia Alvarez, Kathy Butterly, Judith Schwartz, Klaus Burgel, Carolanne Patterson, Debra Rapoport, Caitlyn McLaughlin, Edison Zapata and Jane Bruce. 

80WSE Gallery
Part 1: Opening -  4/4 - 5-8pm, on view through 5/19
Biraaj Dodiya
Luca Molnar
Erin Schiller
Nick Doty
Alex Heffesse
Part 2: Opening 5/2 5-8pm, on view through 4/21
Jerry J. Adams
Omer Ben-Zvi
Jessica Frances Grégoire Lancaster
Komikka Patton
Lara Saget

Project Space
Works by Catalina Granados and Elexa Jefferson
Curatored by Ameila Russo
Wednesday, Feb 21, 5-7pm
On View through Feb 24, 2018

Broadway Windows
December 1, 2017- February 23, 2018, Broadway Windows, East 10th and Broadway
re-formation examines the intersection between the ideologies of SITE Architecture and the intentions of other content, as a newly formed, self-organized student collective. SITE Architecture (Sculpture in the Environment) formed from the 1969 NYU “Environment Design Seminar” taught by James Wines. Judith Schwartz, longtime and recently retired professor in the NYU Art Department was among the student in Wine’s course and one of the original members of SITE Architecture. Similar to the commencement of SITE, other content grew from the “Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice” workshop in the VAA program, taught by artist and curator, Giles Round.