Art and Art Professions


Barney Building Galleries
Impossible House 
June 23-30, 2017
Please join us in viewing the final projects for Masters students in the Art + Education program. Students include Daniel Aktas, Jimena Evia, Caitlin Gibbons, Gehan Habashy, Brittany Kaiser, Cherry Kim, Shannon Pounek, Stephanie Marchena, Rebecca Salmon, Sasha Spare, Peter Tresnan, and Sailesh Varadan. 
34 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY 10003

Dark Matters Without Time
Dark Matter is enigmatic.  It generates a gravitational field but does it without emitting light.  We also know it exists by how it affects the movement of other things. Art is mysterious. It stops time…for a moment or more we experience lightness, a relief from the responsibility of knowing. This suspension is a visit with our immortality.  We feel less fear and more free. To stop time is the function of art. 

This installation by John Torreano is to honor his 25 year collaboration with NYU and the Department of Art and Art Professions. Curated by Hugh O’Rourke.


A Gentle Man, inspired by a short story by Bernard Malamud
June 14-August 19, 2017 
Opening Reception: June 14, 5-8pm
The great problem of the short story, as (Bernard Malamud) puts it, is “to say everything that must be said and to say it quickly, fleetingly, as though two people had met for a moment in a restaurant, or a railroad station, and one had time only to tell the other they are both human, and, here, this story proves it.

In a time where ceaseless brevity of encounter and communication is a way of life, the short story feels more vital than ever and the short form is at the heart of this exhibition. A Gentle Man is a video installation with a linoleum floor and decor in which Beasley transforms the length of the gallery’s five rooms into a journey, from day to night.

This newly commissioned four-part video portrait of an imaginary man from birth to the present (1940-2017) explores brevity and intensity through its four discreet chapters: The First Story; Me for You; In the Rain/MAMA; A Man Walking Up Broadway. The work presents a series of brief encounters, offering them as minor transgressions (of engagement, responsibility, cliché, profound love) and proposes their transformative potential as choices. Each chapter is located, literally, along a linoleum floor design which maps Broadway; symbolically, at differing times of day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night– and, emotionally, in an unspecified interior or exterior. In the exterior scenes it is always raining. The floor design briefly maps the space of Bernard Malamud’s early writing, and the short story, Spring Rain (1942), which is set around Morningside Heights. Malamud’s free education –from Flatbush to Harlem – is also mapped.

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80 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003

I ♥ John Giorno
June 21- August 20, 2017
On the evening of the June 21st summer solstice, Ugo Rondinone: I ♥ John Giorno—the first major U.S. exhibition about the American poet, artist, activist and muse John Giorno—will open simultaneously across 13 locations in New York City. I ♥ John Giorno is a work of art by Giorno’s husband, the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. The exhibition is a celebration of the life and work of John Giorno—an artist whose work has influenced generations. Taking place in his chosen hometown, the exhibition affords a unique opportunity for Giorno’s contributions to be recognized within the canons of American poetry and art history, and celebrates the artist’s 80th birthday.

I ♥ John Giorno is an unprecedented collaboration between leading non-profit and alternative spaces across New York, which are joining forces for the first time to mount a multilayered exhibition on a single subject. Partner venues include: Artists Space, High Line Art, Howl! Happening, Hunter College Art Galleries, The Kitchen, New Museum, Red Bull Arts New York, Rubin Museum of Art, Sky Art, Swiss Institute,White Columns, and 80WSE Gallery. Reconfigured as a festival, including installations in galleries and public spaces, as well as a full roster of public programs and events, I ♥ John Giorno is free and open to the public.

New York Times article on John Giorno retrospective

Grey Art Gallery
Mark Motherbaugh/ Myopia 
April 26-July 15, 2017

Washington Windows

Lyle Ashton Harris 
On view through June 9, 2017.
80 Washington Square East Galleries is pleased to present Journal Excerpts 1997-2000; part of the larger ongoing project, Ektachrome Archives, by New York based artist Lyle Ashton Harris (b.1965, Bronx, New York). Journal Excerpts features photographs showcasing a selection of journal pages intermixed with essays and images that are a part of Harris’ Ektachrome Archives. These works, as well as others from the archiveproject will be featured in Harris’ forthcoming monograph, Today I Shall Judge Nothing That Occurs, to be published by the Aperture Foundation this fall.

Excavated from Harris’s extensive personal chronicles, this diverse collection of evocative imagery captures fleeting moments lived by the artist in public and private spaces among his circle of close friends, family and acquaintances.These selections are part of an assemblage that serves not only to memorialize, but also to evoke lived moments at the intersection of the personal and the political, presenting a dynamic experience that re-engages time past to affectively impact the present.