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Ellen Cantor: Are You Ready For Love?
80WSE Gallery
80 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003

MFA Weekly Installations
Openings on Wednesdays, 5-7pm
80WSE Project Space

9/28  Caitlyn McLaughlin
10/05  Billy Jacobs
10/12  Marz Saffore
10/19  Harry Kleeman
10/26  Gabrielle Vitollo
11/02  Chris Albert Lee
11/09  Carly Burnell
11/16  Kaushani Patel
11/30  Eric Santoscoy- Mckillip 
12/07  Stephen Gurtowski

Barney Building Galleries


Chiquita Saudade

Catalina Antonio Granados and Bianca Kann
Opening: Wednesday, October 19, 5-7 PM. On view through November 5


Preservation and Parafiction

Olivia Andrews, Johanna Asgeirsdottir, Kiyomi Taylor, and Clara Lu
Opening: Wednesday, October 19, 5-7PM. On view through November 5

Barney Building

34 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY 10003

Broadway Windows

Drawing: Again by Jongho Lee, BFA
This exhibition is an exploration of the boundaries of drawing as well as an effort to stretch the boundaries of drawing. Using a mix of conventional and unconventional materials including but not limited to charcoal, india ink, house paint, tape, and canvas, the artist aims to deconstruct what a drawing can mean by abstracting and representing different subjects.
All of the drawings have to do with means of production, whether that be the production that takes place inside of my studio, or the general socio-economic term. The subjects explored in each of the different windows range from illegal goods obtained through means of poaching, to factory production of glass bottles. In other cases, there is a more personal exploration that had do with the production that takes inside the studio, and on a surface.
On view 24 hours a day in the Broadway Windows from October 8, 2016
Broadway and East 10th Street