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David Nelson
On View: September 9 - October 24, 2015

The first major institutional solo presentation of Nelson's work will represent the wide range of mediums which constituted Nelson's practice, including painting, drawing, photographs, photograms, and sculpture. The exhibition is organized by Jonathan Berger and Nancy Brooks Brody in collaboration with the Estate of David Nelson and students from the NYU Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions.

Current MFA Project
Strange Wedding
Young Min Choi
On View: October 7 - October 10, 2015

Marriage is a conflation of two different beings. Centaur and Centauress, the begins that are trapped in between two different worlds, will have their marriage in the human world and it is being officiated and witnessed by a person who is already married, and a person who has a fear towards marriage. Paintings and sculptures will take roles in this project, as well.

Kurtis Green (Oil on Canvas): I got married not so long ago and I'm already officiating a marriage. How strange.

Centaur & Centauress (Mixed Media): Some guy brought us into the world of humans and we are getting married here. This is so strange.

Young Min Choi (Oil on Canvas): I am afraid of marriage and watching some creatures doing it. This is fucking strange.

Upcoming MFA Projects
Diana Drake
On View: October 14 - October 17, 2015

Kurtis Greene
On View: October 21 - October 24, 2015

Aubrey Saget
On View: October 28 - October 31, 2015

Bonnie Lane
On View: November 4 - November 7, 2015

Sloane Solley
On View: November 11 - November 14, 2015

Michael Stamm
On View: November 18 - November 21, 2015 

80WSE Gallery
80 Washington Square East
New York, NY, 10003

Broadway Windows/BFA Solo Projects
Feels Like Home
David Bransfield
On View: August 23 - October 18, 2015

Feels Like Home is a series of paintings created by native New Yorker, David Bransfield, that celebrates one of the last neighborhoods in Manhattan that is resilient to gentrification: Chinatown. This exhibition examines the daily nuances and unseen beauty of an original and unqiue neighborhood, from graffiti to signage to streetscapes and the people that inhabit them.

Broadway Windows
Broadway and East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003

Barney Building BFA Exhibitions
October 7 - October 17, 2015
all + nothing
Megan Davis and Nathan Freeman
Opening Reception: October 7, 2015, 5-7pm
The Commons

The exhibition wrestles with the establishment of simulacra - idols. As creators, we produce images, objects, and virtual works in order to seize something. We strive to capture moments of euphoria and melancholy. We desire to pause complex battles. We want to apprehend people and places we love too much or do not love enough. We have this need to simulate a moment or memory or human that is now absent from our world. We create work in order to revive something that no longer exists and will never exist again. Yet, once we complete the creation in idolization to our past, is this idol futile and meaningless compared to the actuality of its inspiration? The creation means all + nothing, all at the same time. 

The Girl's Room (Enter the Void)
Carol Civre, Genevieve Sachs, Maya Pollack, and Madeline Bach
Opening Reception: October 7, 2015, 5-7pm
Rosenberg Gallery

The exhibition takes its viewers into a matriarchal universe where the artists create a hyperreal environment through the female gaze. A creative environment is formed where people can not only experience the artwork, but can also be stimulated to enjoy good conversation and share ideas.

October 21 - October 31, 2015
Eleanor Gollin, Jack Johnson, and Aidan Reese Romick
The Commons

sometimes i think about my body
Lilli Biltucci and Audrey Gascho
Rosenberg Gallery

November 2 - November 7, 2015
Senior Honors Project
The senior honors students will organize a week long screening series.
The Commons & Rosenberg Gallery

November 11 - November 21, 2015
BFA Art Club Exhibition
The BFA Art Club, also known as the Undergraduate Student Art Organization (USAO), will host upcoming exhibitions. The president of USAO is Dae Young Kim.
The Commons & Rosenberg Gallery

December 2 - December 17, 2015
Junior Group Show
The curators for the show will be nominated shortly.
The Commons & Rosenberg Gallery

Barney Building
34 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY 10003