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Please note that the Art Department courses are now listed in five different sections on Albert:

  • Art (ART) for all the studio classes (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Art Education (ARTED) for all graduate level art education classes
  • Art Theory and Critical Studies (ARTCR) for all art department history and critical theory classes (undergraduate & graduate)
  • Art Therapy (ARTT) for all graduate level art therapy classes
  • Visual Arts Administration (ARVA) for all visual arts administration courses (undergraduate & graduate)

Course numbers that end with UE are for undergraduate students only.
GE are graduate level.

LIBAR-UE 0941 Art: Practice and Ideas
Steinhardt students can satisfy “Expressive Cultures” requirement.
Art: Practice and Ideas examines key developments in the visual arts from modernity to the present. Focusing on the ways in which representations both create & reflect the values of a society, the course introduces students to the full range of expressive possibilities within the visual arts, covering painting & sculpture, as well as photography, film, video, conceptual art, & computer media. Topics to be covered include classical, modern, & postmodern relationships to politics, vision, the mind, the body, psychology, gender, difference, & technological innovation. Students will see and understand how artists have integrated perceptions of their historical moment, as well as physical & social space, into creative practices that have, in turn, had a significant impact on the culture of the time.

ARTCR-UE 0050 Modern Art and Contemporary Culture
Examines the impact of modernism in both its historic & contemporary relationships to culture & society, through the study of painting, sculpture, architecture, & the media arts from the late 1800’s to the late 1950s. Art history with a theoretical & aesthetic emphasis. Relates the art of the period to political, social, & philosophical issues & to current debates. Works of art are considered from slides, films, and reproductions.

ART-UE 1914 Interdisciplinary Projects: Representation and Identity
Open only to art majors or by permission. Prerequisite: three semesters of painting.
Consideration of particular techniques allows students to broaden the range of their skills and expression. This is a studio class. Each week begins with a 20-minute discussion of current gallery or museum exhibitions that we have seen. Critiques will be every 3rd week. Students will be expected to work on their own ideas or projects. I will work with each student based on where they are in that process. Technical advice will be individual as well. Students are encourage to fully investigate their materials during this class. If there is a need for specific assignments this will be done on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to keep drawing journals and start a file of resource material with their paintings in mind.

ART-UE 1391 Advanced Projects in Digital Art: "Mind Remapping"
In this course, students will develop projects that use, critique and expand the notion and boundaries of digital media. The exploration of the mind's own processing of information will be a conceptual foundation for the course as we examine the ways in which digital tools mimic, respond to and amplify human desire. Media in the class will range from images and animation to video and music. The class will be an opportunity to both learn new tools and deepen skills already begun. Projects will be presented and discussed.

ART-UE 1393 Advanced Projects in Art & Media: “Performance and Photo/Video”
This class will utilize each student’s body in situ or in photography or video to demonstrate issues that transcend the particular aura of the individual and spread ideas into and from culture.