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Visual Arts Administration Events

The Visual Arts Administration graduate program hosts a series of events throughout the school year. A portion of the events are colloquia--a series of lectures and panels geared towards the academic and professional interests of the Visual Arts Administration students. Of these colloquia, a percentage are organized by tone of three student-run organizations, ACE (Advocates for Cultural Engagement), The Art Finance Society, or "Other Content," a curatorial collective. Events and colloquia are a joint effort between the Visual Arts Administration faculty and students. As a result, these events and colloquia are tailored to address the challenges in today’s ever changing art world.

The Visual Arts Administration Alumni Council also hosts a series of events, which can be found here.


Friday, November 9, COLLOQUIUM
Blockchain, Contracts, and Artist's Participation in Markets, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Einstein Auditorium, Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street.

In the past year, blockchain technology has pervaded the art world, and many panels and
symposia have explored the application of blockchain technologies to the sale of artworks. The
distributed ledger structure of the blockchain offers compelling use cases in provenance and
authentication, while potentially disrupting (or complementing) existing norms around privacy
or opacity of information. This panel explores the impact of blockchain from an artist's point of
view, especially in light of digital-native artworks. Despite the newness of blockchain's
adoption in the arts, in fact efforts by artists to initiate contracts and to participate in markets
have a longer history. We will explore these questions with speakers including: 

Kevin McCoy, Associate Professor of Art and Art Education at NYU, and co-founder of
Abraham Milano, Chief Technology Officer of Dada. NYC
Angela Redai, Vice-President of Art Strategy for and art attorney
Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Ph.D. candidate at Cornell and expert in the Seth Siegelaub
Artist's and Contract
Moderator: Amy Whitaker, Assistant Professor of VAA

Organized by the Art Finance Society, Lindsay Waterbury and Yelena Liepelt, co-chairs, with
Amy Whitaker, faculty advisor.

Friday, September 21: COLLOQUIUM
Advocating for Cultural Equity, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Einstein Auditorium, Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street.

What does ‘cultural equity’ mean? What are the challenges involved in establishing a robust
and equitable cultural policy? The discussion will include an overview of NYC’s Department
of Cultural Affairs recent “Create NYC” plan and its response “The People’ Cultural Plan.”
Moderated by Melissa Rachleff Burtt, Associate Professor, NYU VAA MA Program, with
panelists Harry Burke, artist and critic, and Maia Chao and Josephine Devanbu, artists involved
with cultural equity, cofounders of “Look At Art. Get Paid,” in Providence, RI

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