Arts Administration Study Abroad Testimonials

Master of Arts in Visual Arts Administration

Arts Administration Study Abroad Testimonials

"The information I learned while on study abroad will be indispensable for my future as an arts administrator within this increasingly global society. Having the opportunity to make so many site visits and talk with such a variety of art professionals, all within the context of an amazing setting, was fascinating and highly stimulating. Unquestionably one of the best experiences of my two years as a graduate student at NYU."

Abby Clark, Visual Arts Administration, '07

"The study abroad program was a terrific experience that taught us things beyond what we could learn in the conventional classroom setting. Speaking to arts administrators, cultural policy makers, and other field experts is necessary to gain a cohesive appreciation of international arts practices. The program is also a great opportunity to network; during my time in Europe I went on studio visits, secured a space to host an exhibition that I am curating, and met my current employer. I would recommend it to anyone in the Visual Arts Administration program."

Christina Vassallo, Visual Arts Administration, '08

"Study abroad helped contextualize my understanding of arts administration in Europe, as well as my understanding of arts administration in the U.S. By participating, I took away ideas that I hope to implement in my professional life here in the States. It was also an excellent way to strengthen friendships and get to know better my colleagues in the arts administration programs at NYU.

Diana Gatschet, Performing Arts Administration, '07

"The study abroad trip was not only highly educational, but also inspiring and quite fun! It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit some of Europe’s finest cultural institutions and meet and converse with various art administrators. Learning about cultural policy in the European context really put things into perspective as a practicing arts administrator in the U.S. as well. I left The Netherlands and Vienna with a wealth of knowledge, creative and innovative ideas and a heightened interest in the field."

Kris Lewis, Visual Arts Administration, '07