Apartment Galleries: Incubators of the Future

MA in Visual Arts Administration

Apartment Galleries: Incubators of the Future

Date and Time: September 30th, beginning at 6:30 PM

Guest(s): Sarvia Jasso, Sarah Walzer, and Joe Elliott

A discussion with two emerging curators that run gallery spaces in their apartments: Sarvia Jasso (Second Floor) and Sarah Walzer (Loisada). The discussion was moderated by Joe Elliott, a recent graduate of the Visual Arts Administration program.

Sarvia Jasso is a New York-based curator. She received her master’s degree in Art History from Columbia University. During this time Sarvia interned at the Guggenheim Museum and was a Curatorial Fellow at The Kitchen.

Currently Jasso works as the Assistant to the Curator of Research for Pace, where she is assisting in the organization of a historical exhibition on Happenings in New York from 1958-1963. The exhibition features the photographs of several photographers, particularly Robert R. McElroy. Focusing on Happenings by Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Whitman,Carolee Schneemann, to name a few.

Recent exhibitions include Soft Machines (Pace Gallery, NY), The Left Hand of Darkness (The Project, NY) and Suddenly…Summer (Venetia Kapernekas, NY), as well as the video and performance events Brooklyn Is Burning (various locations), Uncontrollable Flesh at the Berkeley Art Museum and Screening/ Salon/ Cabaret at the ICA Philadelphia.

Sarah Walzer is an LA and New York-based Gallery Director and Independent Curator. She received BA in Art and Italian from UCLA. She has been working in contemporary art galleries for the past 7 years and opened her own apartment gallery "Loisaida" last year. She worked as Director of Peres Projects in LA, Berlin and finally here in NYC and represented their artist's work at 20 art fairs internationally. She was a committee of Art LA in 2008/09 and has travelled worldwide working on artists' exhibitions in Athens, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Antwerp to name a few.

Currently Walzer works as an artist liaison/director of Salon 94. This summer she collaborated in the curation of "Paul Clay," a group exhibition of over 40 artists working in ceramics.

Originally from the Cotswolds England, Joe Elliott moved to the US in 2004 to pursue his BFA at the Rhode Island school of Design. Whilst completing his masters from the Visual Arts Administration program at NYU he founded his online gallery, Kingsley Elliott, intended to be a platform for promoting and supporting emerging artists via pop-up exhibitions in New York City and beyond.

Currently Elliott is working for Collectrium, a company who specializes in building iPhone and iPad applications for art fairs, galleries and museums. In addition he also continues to work as an independent curator and is a passionate collector.

Recent Exhibitions include A Bird Rested Upon His Thoughts as He Slept (571 Projects, NY), Small Things Considered (571 Projects, NY), New Works by Julian Lorber (Hanois Gallery, NY) and Kingsley Elliott,  Inaugural Exhibition (Gelabert Studios, NY.)