Undergraduate Program

Program of Study: Global Public Health/Applied Psychology

The Global Public Health/Applied Psychology major provides interdisciplinary training that bridges psychological theory, research, and practice with public health principles with the goal of improving health outcomes among diverse populations.

Academic Standards

All students majoring in Global Public Health/Applied Psychology must earn a C- or better in all courses taken to meet the requirements for the psychology core, restricted psychology electives, research skills, fieldwork experiences, and specialization electives.  If a student receives a grade lower than a C-, that student must retake the course to improve the grade. Students may only retake a course once. Students may retake a maximum of 4 courses to improve their grades.  Students unable to meet these academic standards will be referred to the department’s committee on student progress and may be advised into an alternative major at NYU.

Majors in Global Public Health/Applied Psychology are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 and a minimum GPA of 2.7 in the major in order to make satisfactory academic progress.

Liberal Arts Requirement                   60 points
College Core Curriculum Requirements (32 points)
Expository Writing
EXPOS-UA 0001 Writing the Essay (4)  
ACE-UE 0110 The Advanced College Essay (4)  
Foreign Language
Foundations of Contemporary Culture   12
CORE-UA 04xx Text and Ideas (4)  
CORE UA 05xx Cultures and Contexts (4)  
CORE-UA 07xx Expressive Cultures (4)  
Foundations of Scientific Inquiry  8
PSYCH-UA 10 Statistical Reasoning for the Behavioral Sciences (4)  or  
UGPH-GU 20 Biostatistics for Global Health (4)  
CORE-UA. 02xx Natural Science (4) or
CORE-UA 0306 Brain and Behavior (4)  
Other Liberal Arts Requirements               (28 points)
Social Science or Humanities Elective
Choose one discipline in the social sciences or humanities and take one introductory course and two advanced course in the same discipline. (To view electives click here)
Social Science or Humanities (Introduction) (4)  
Social Science or Humantities (Advanced) (8)  
Liberal Arts Electives
Specialization Requirements                   68 points

Applied Psychology                                 

(24 points)
Required Psychology Core
APSY-UE 0002 Introduction to Psychology and Its Principles (4)  
APSY-UE 0010 Developmental Psychology (4)  
APSY-UE 1050 Cultures of Psychology (4)  
Restricted Psychology Electives
Choose 1 from the following 3 content areas:  
Social/Community (4)  
Clinical/Counseling (4)  
Developmental/Learning (4)  
For a complete list of courses that satisfy each of the content areas click here
Public Health                                                    (16 points)
Required Public Health Core  
UGPH-GU 10 Health and Society in a Global Context (4)  
UGPH-GU 30 Epidemiology for Global Health (4)  
UGPH-GU 50 Envrionmental Health in an Global World (4)  
UGPH-GU 40 Health Policy in a Global World (4)  
Research Skills (8 points)
APSY-UE. 25 Research Methods in Applied Psychology I (4)  
APSY-UE. 137 Research Methods in Applied Psychology II (4)  
Field Experiences                                          (12 points)
APSY-UE 1123 Seminar in Applied Psychology I: Introduction   
APSY-UE 1124 Seminar in Applied Psychology II: Principles & Practice  
UGPH-GH 60 Internship for Global Health (4)  
Specialization Electives (8 points)
Public Health Electives  
UGPH-GU 35 Behavioral Risk-Taking in the Global Context (4)  
UGPH-GU 80 Public Health Entrepreneurial Ventures (4)  
UGPH-GU 90 Topics in Public Health: Controversies & Debates (4)  
UGPH-GU 158 History of Medicine (4)  
UGPH-GU 293 Global Medicine and Disease: The Challenges We Face (4)  
 Please see Global Public Health website for Additional Electives  
Psychology Electives  
APSY-UE 5 Community Psychology (4)  
APSY-UE 1031 Mental Health: Historical, Social and Political Perspectives (4)  
APSY-UE 1041 Women and Mental Health: A Life Cycle Perspective (4)  
APSY-UE 1081 Psychosocial Aspects of Sexual Behavior (4)  
APSY-UE 1270 Social Intervention in Schools (4)  
APSY-UE 1278 Families, Schools, and Child Development (4)  
APSY-UE 1279  Child Development and Social Policy in Global Society (4)  
Please see your Academic Adviser for Approval of Substitution  
Additional Requirements                      (0 points)
SAHS-UE. 0001 New Student Seminar  
Writing Proficiency Examination  
Note: Study away for one semester at an NYU Global site is a requirement of the GPH combined majors  
Total Points Required                                128 points