Undergraduate Program


A key component of the Applied Psychology major is our sequence of fieldwork placements and seminars. These field experiences are closely supervised and take place in schools, social service agencies, psychiatric hospitals, legal clinics, and youth centers. Students also have the opportunity to satisfy their fieldwork requirement by joining a faculty member's research team. Research in the Department of Applied Psychology is conducted in diverse settings and covers a broad array of topics.

Our course of study is specifically designed to provide practical hands-on learning experiences in the field in conjunction with theoretical knowledge learned through coursework in the classroom. One of our goals in this program is that through supervised field experiences and coursework, our students will be able to make informed decisions about career or educational plans following graduation from this program.

Seminar in Applied Psychology Sequence

Applied Psychology majors are involved in a two-semester sequence of fieldwork activities. The Seminar sequence is intended to provide practical, supervised hands-on learning experiences, and guide students to create meaningful connections between their practice and the conceptual knowledge gained through coursework.

All students must demonstrate readiness to begin the seminar sequence. Readiness is attained through performance in coursework as well as participation in community service event, sponsored by the program. During the semesters leading to participation in the seminar sequence, students explore subfields of psychology and assess their abilities, interests, values, and personality characteristics. Students then select a field site that will allow them to explore their areas of interest, thereby developing insight into their long-term professional goals.

During Seminar in Applied Psychology I and II, students learn how to relate their professional experiences in the field with psychological literature, making explicit connections between theory, research and practices. .. During these two semesters, there is focus on ethical issues and professional standards, writing in psychology and the dissemination of findings in a professional forum, as well as exploration of future professional and education goals in relation to fieldwork experiences; such as graduate school admissions, career paths, and basic skills for entry level jobs.

Students begin Fieldwork I in the fall of Junior year. Spring semester Sophomores may enroll in Fieldwork under special circumstances.

Global Public Health/Applied Psychology majors also participate in a public health internship.