Global Opportunities

Undergraduate Study Away Opportunities for 2017-2018

Applied Psychology majors can take:

APSY-UE 9010, Survey of Developmental Psychology, at NYU-Buenos Aires.

APSY-UE 9682, Introduction to Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health at NYU Sydney.

Students pursuing the Global Public Health/Applied Psychology combined major are required to complete at least one semester of study away. Visit the College of Global Public Health's study away site for more information.

Graduate Study Away Opportunities

Students must make appointments to meet with their advisor when they want to discuss or learn about study away options. 

More information about Global Programs offered, deadlines and funding opportunities can be found on the Steinhardt Global Affairs website.

Previous Course Offerings

Join a diverse group of students from varied backgrounds in Israel for two weeks this January. Previously offered in Argentina and Ghana, this course explores disability in a variety of global contexts. Together you’ll examine disability, particularly how the physical and cultural contexts including environmental attributes, religion, social mores, and families influence participation by people with disabilities. Visit medical environments, schools, and everyday settings to observe the experiences of people with disabilities, learning from them as well as the individuals who work with them. Prof. Goverover and local experts share their knowledge through lectures and discussions. Trips to cultural sites round out the program.

Learn how psychologists, public health professionals, and educators – as well as artists and the media – have responded to the HIV epidemic, both in the UK and the US. You’ll visit local AIDS service organizations that serve those affected by the disease, attend guest lectures with local experts on issues of prevention and counseling, and conduct hands-on work within the local community. You will learn how HIV and other healthcare services are delivered in the UK under NHS.

A week-long program that starts in Istanbul and travels to Izmir, this course examines Turkey's system of higher education in comparison to the US and other countries. Through visits to universities and public and private colleges, you’ll engage in discussions with rectors, faculty members, deans of students and their staffs, and students themselves. Special lectures by leading policy experts and scholars will help you understand the goals and future aspirations of Turkish higher education and how higher education meets the social, political, and cultural needs of their society.

Examine intercultural perspectives on teaching and learning in two of China’s most dynamic cosmopolitan centers: Hong Kong and Shanghai. Through seminars, individualized studies, and field trips to a variety of schools and cultural sites, you’ll meet local students and teachers and explore the initiatives these cities have taken in TESOL, bilingual education, foreign language education, and international education.

Explore how behavior and experience are influenced by culture in Israel, a major “melting pot” of races and religions. Interview members of ethnically diverse communities, meet clergy and mental health professionals of varying backgrounds, visit social service agencies and an immigrant absorption center. In Tel Aviv, hear presentations and participate in experiential growth and joint seminars with Israeli graduate students to develop a deeper understanding of identity, group process, multicultural dynamics and group counseling interventions.

  • China: Cross-Cultural Counseling 

Travel to Shanghai to explore how human development and mental health are shaped by culture and society. Through seminars, meetings, and field visits with local educators, mental health professionals, and other service providers, participants will learn about unique psychosocial challenges confronting diverse segments of a modern Chinese society. In the process, you will gain a deeper cultural awareness of yourself and others in a global context.

Provost's Global Research Initiatives

The Provost's Global Research Initiatives program supports research-related activities at a select number of NYU's Global sites. The program supports short- and long-term faculty and graduate student visits to the sites; runs dissertation workshops for doctoral students in the final stages of writing; provides funding for workshops, colloquia, and the like at the sites; and supports collaboration between NYU faculty in New York and NYU faculty at the sites and in Abu Dhabi and in Shanghai.

Global Research Institutes

The Research Institutes were created to support NYU full-time faculty and graduate students who wish to have NYU infrastructural support while conducting research abroad. Graduate students (in all degree programs) should be on fellowship or have other external support during the global research initiatives award period. 

Research institutes have been established at NYU's sites in Berlin, Florence, London, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Tel-Aviv, and Washington, DC. Most locations have the capacity, on average, for five faculty and five graduate students.

In the past three years (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14), 32 Steinhardt graduate students have won research support through the GRI Institutes. 

Summer Dissertation Writing Program

Doctoral students in any discipline and in the advanced stages of dissertation writing are eligible to apply to summer intensive dissertation writing workshops. 

In the past three years (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-2015), 5 Applied Psychology doctoral students have won research support through the Summer Dissertation Writing Workshops to go to Berlin, Florence, London. and  Washington D.C.

Question about GRI and dissertation workshop opportunities may be directed to or