Selcuk Sirin's Research Lab


What is REST?
The Racial and Ethical Sensitivity Training (REST) was originally developed as a videobased module by Mary M. Brabeck based on James Rest's four-component model and codes of ethics in school-related fields. Three projects that been developed using the REST framework and videos used in teacher training programs across the United States and Latin America. The philosophy and conceptual foundation for the REST is based on a model of cultural competence where moral decision making is anchored in a strong understanding of professional codes of ethics. If aspiring professionals understand that their professions expect and even require certain kinds of ethically defensible behavior, they are more likely to adopt these behaviors.

The third version and current of the instrument (Quick-REST) was developed as a videobased measurement tool to assess professionals' ethical sensitivity to acts of racial and gender intolerance that occur in school settings.

In addition to the test we also have developed a workshop, titled Racial and Ethical Sensitivity Training Kit (REST-Kit). The power point presentation below summarizes many aspects of our work.

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