Selcuk Sirin's Research Lab


New York City Academic and Social Engagement Study (NYCASES) (PI: SIRIN):Project Director: Taveeshi Gupta

The NYCASES is a 3-wave longitudinal study designed to better understand developmental trajectories of psychological and educational engagement of urban adolescents through high school years, from 10th grade to 12th grade. The first wave of data was collected in the Spring 2008 semester and data collection was completed in Spring 2010. The sample of 517 is stratified by race/ethnicity, gender, and generational status. We used mixed methods of surveys, interviews, and a novel method we designed in the lab called "Learning Maps" and "Identity Maps". Data were gathered from 15 high schools, 4 of which were specially designed high schools for newly immigrated students. Dr. Carola Suarez-Orozco (NYU), Dr. Michelle Fine (CUNY, the Graduate Center) and, Dr. Joshua Aronson (NYU) contributed to the conception of the project at different stages. Currently, we are working on data analysis and dissemination. Below is a list of manuscripts that are already in press.

This project is funded by the Spencer Foundation (through a grant to Drs. Aronson and Sirin) and NYU Challenge Grant (through a grant to Dr. Sirin).

Relevant publications:

Katsiaficas, D., Futch, V.A., Fine, M., & Sirin, S.R. (2011). Everyday Hyphens: Exploring Youth Identities with Methodological and Analytic Pluralism. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 8, 120-139. doi: 10.1080/14780887.2011.572743

Sirin, S.R., Ryce, P., Gupta, T., Rogers-Sirin, L. (in press). Trajectories of internalizing mental health symptoms for immigrant adolescents: A longitudinal investigation. Developmental Psychology.