Psychology and Social Intervention

Current Student Awards

External Awards


Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship-Stacey Alicea 

Hewlett Foundation- Carly Tubbs 2014-2016 

National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship- Meghan McCormick 


AERA Annual Meeting Best Paper Award- Meghan McCormick (with Carol Weinstein) 

American Psychological Foundation Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Graduate Fellowship in Child Psychology- Meghan McCormick 

MDRC Judith Gueron Summer Doctoral Fellowship- Justina Grayman 

National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship- Stacey Alicea 2013-2014

New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women Post-Graduate Fellowship- Jessica Harding 

Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Emerging Education Policy Scholar- Meghan McCormick 


Association for Public Policy & Management Poster Contest- Meghan McCormick 2012 (Second Place)

Midwest Ecological Community Psychology Conference, Best Poster- Justina Grayman 

Society for Prevention Research, Travel Award - Meghan McCormick 

University of Kansas Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis, Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology Minority Fellowship- Nia Gordon 

University of Kansas Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis, Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology Travel and Housing Grant-Nia Gordon 


Earl Jennings Educational Psychology Excellence Fellowship- Jason Rarick 

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Award- Nia Gordon


Education Pioneers Fellowship- Justina Grayman 

St. Gallen Symposium “Leader of Tomorrow” and Scholarship Recipient, Switzerland- Jessica Harding

NYU & Steinhardt Awards

NYU, Global Research Initiative Summer Dissertation Fellow
Meghan McCormick 2014

NYU Global Research Initiative Summer Dissertation Writing Workshop, Berlin
Jessica Harding 2014

NYU, Graduate Student Scholarship Award
Stacey Alicea 2012-2013

NYU, Institute of Education Sciences Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Fellowship Award
Justina Grayman 2009-2013
Maia Conners 2011-2015
Meghan McCormick 2010-2014 
Jason Rarick 2013-2015

NYU, Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Program in Education Sciences Affiliate Award
Justina Grayman 2012-2014
Jessica Harding
Kate Schwartz 2013-2014

NYU Phillip J. Zlatchin Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Contributions to Improving the Life Conditions of Vulnerable Individuals and Communities
Nia Gordon 2013
Justina Grayman 2013

NYU Raymond A. Weiss Endowment Scholarship
Meghan McCormick 2013

Steinhardt, Summer Grant Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Development Award
Justina Grayman

Steinhardt, Competitive Professional Development Fund
Jessica Harding 2012

Steinhardt, Graduate Fellowship
Stacey Alicea 2009-2012
Natalia Rojas
Iqbal Yeshim

Steinhardt Graduate Student Organization Competitive Professional Development Fund
Jessica Harding 2012-2013

Steinhardt, Doctoral Fellowship Proposal Summer Development Award
Stacey Alicea 2012
Nia Gordon 2014
Meghan McCormick 2013 

Steinhardt, Doctoral Funding Fellowship Award
Jason Rarick 2012-2015
Kate Schwartz 2012-2015

Steinhardt, Doctoral Student Travel Fund Award (Pre-dissertation)
Nia Gordon 2014
Meghan McCormick 2013
Jason Rarick 2013

Steinhardt Doctoral Student Travel Grant
Stacey Alicea 2012
Iqbal Yeshim

Steinhardt, Mitchell Leaska Dissertation Research Award
Meghan McCormick 2014 

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development Graduate Fellowship
Jessica Harding 2010-2014

Wagner, Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service
Meghan McCormick 2009-2011

Department of Applied Psychology Awards

Distinguished Teaching Award
Stacey Alicea 2014

The Felix M. Warburg Memorial Award for academic excellence and commitment to the Department of Applied Psychology
Jessica Harding

Professional Development Funding
Meghan McCormick 2012 – 2013

Psychology and Social Intervention Department Training Award
Alicea Stacey 2012

Psychology and Social Intervention Professional Development Funding
Alicea Stacey 2013
Jessica Harding 2012-2013
Meghan McCormick 2012

Summer Research Award
Stacey Alicea 2012-2013
Maia Conners 2012-2013
Nia Gordon 2012
Jessica Harding 2012-2013
Kate Schwartz 2013