Psychology and Social Intervention


Core Faculty

J. Lawrence Aber

Willner Family Professor in Psychology and Public Policy at the Steinhardt; University Professor at New York University

Co-Director Global TIES

  social, emotional, motivational, and behavioral development of high-risk children and youth; parent development; program & policy research; neighborhood and family contexts; intervention design and evaluation  

LaRue Allen 

Raymond and Rosalee Weiss Professor of Applied Psychology; Chair Department of Applied Psychology

Director CFPC 

urban preschool-, adolescent-, and emerging adult development; social, cultural, and ecological impacts on development; cross-cultural and cross-national research; civic engagement, financial literacy  

Rezarta Bilali

Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology


intergroup conflict, mass violence, psychology of peace and conflict, media interventions for reconciliation, interventions to address violent conflict   

Elise Cappella 

Associate Professor of Applied Psychology


academic and social-emotional functioning among low-income children, the social processes of schooling  

Alejandro J. Ganimian

Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology 


how to improve the development and measurement of children’s academic and socio-emotional skills, from pre-school to secondary school  

Erin Godfrey 

Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology



development and consequences of critical consciousness, system justification, attributions for poverty and wealth, and subjective social status among youth and families, psychology of inequality, anti-poverty policies and programs  

Diane Hughes 

Professor of Applied Psychology


family-, peer-, school-, and neighborhood influences on adolescents’ social/emotional development and academic outcomes of urban adolescents; intersections of race, ethnicity, culture as they influence development  

Pamela Morris

Vice Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs at Steinhardt; Professor of Applied Psychology


theoretically-informed interventions, strong attention to measurement of developmental outcomes for children, and cutting-edge analytic strategies on causal inference, and strong research designs   

Ed Seidman

Professor of Applied Psychology; PSI Program Director



understanding and changing social settings - classrooms, schools, and service organizations; prevention and promotion of well-being, both domestically and globally; the measurement of setting level mechanisms; adolescent trajectories.  

Hirokazu Yoshikawa 

Courtney Sales Ross University Professor of Globalization and Education at Steinhardt

Co-Director Global TIES

early childhood development, immigration, poverty, low- and middle-income countries, public policy, LGBT youth, program evaluation, research on implementation and scale