Doctoral Student Profiles

Corianna Sichel

Corianna Elizabeth Sichel
 is a Doctoral Fellow in Applied Psychology at New York University. Her research interests center around the broader social contexts and mental health outcomes associated with oppression in under-served populations, focusing on women and youth at risk for involvement in the justice system. She is particularly interested in ways that individuals respond to and cope with marginalization and trauma. Under the mentorship of Dr. Shabnam Javdani and Dr. Alisha Ali, Corianna is involved in the development of theory and interventions emphasizing the importance of societal structure and context, in addition to individual-level factors, in promoting empowerment and improving mental health outcomes. Corianna is involved in the implementation and evaluation of therapeutic interventions within the New York City Division of Youth and Family Justice, as well as in collaboration with the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City. Corianna completed two years of study as a Masters student in Psychology at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at NYU and received her BA from Duke University, where she studied Philosophy, Economics, and English graduating with High Distinction.