Doctoral Student Profiles

Jessica Harding

Jessica Harding is an advanced doctoral student in the Psychology and Social Intervention Program. She received her BA in psychology from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Her research interests lie at the intersection of research and social policy, with a particular focus on the intergenerational transmission of educational attainment. Specifically, she works with Professors Pamela Morris (her dissertation chair) and Diane Hughes, to explore two distinct, but related, influences on low-income children’s academic outcomes – parenting practices and maternal education. Her research in both these areas takes two main forms – a) secondary data analysis to understand these influences and b) intervention research that aims to improve children’s academic outcomes by changing the family context. She is currently the project director for the Smart Beginnings Trial - a randomized control trial that uses the pediatric primary care platform to provide parent skill training to low-income families in NYC and Pittsburgh. View Jessica's CV.