Doctoral Funding

Steinhardt Doctoral Funding Package

Full-time NYU Steinhardt PhD students without alternate funding sources are eligible for a generous funding package that includes a scholarship and tuition remission. 

The Steinhardt Fellows Program

Financial support includes a scholarship for four years (depending on your program of study and degree requirements), tuition remission for required coursework, and student health insurance through the third year. Complete details are provided with each offer of admission.

Research Assistantships

Some doctoral students may be appointed to a Research Assistantship. Research Assistants are funded by external grants and work with a principal investigator on a funded research project. Unlike Steinhardt Fellows, Research Assistants agree to work 20 hours per week on an ongoing research project, typically with a team of faculty and other students. For the duration of the assistantship, Research Assistants receive funding that includes tuition remission for required coursework, student health insurance, and a stipend. Research Assistants may not perform additional work assignments such as teaching or grading.

Additional Fees and Expenses

Additional expenses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Late registration fees
  • Tuition for undergraduate courses, tuition for graduate courses not applicable to your degree, and tuition for courses in excess of the total point requirement for your degree
  • Tuition for courses completed after the end of the third year
  • Tuition for courses and fees used to maintain matriculation after the end of the third year. Students are required to maintain continuous matriculation by registering for one credit per semester until the degree is completed. See more information on tuition, fees, and cost of attendance and about maintaining matriculation and doctoral student policies.
  • Student health insurance for students beyond the third year (students may purchase health insurance beyond the third year at their own expense). See more information on student health insurance. Note that students who are employed by NYU (such as Research Assistants or Adjunct Instructors) may receive health insurance as an employee benefit.
University and Steinhardt Funding Opportunities
Dept. of Applied Psychology Scholarships and Awards

Student scholarships and awards honor Applied Psychology students who have achieved distinction in various areas of psychological research, practice, or dedication to the department.  All students are invited and encouraged to submit applications for all applicable scholarships and awards.  Please view the following, for the most up-to-date information about current scholarship and award opportunities: 

  • Scholarship applications are due in the Fall semester. Read more.
  • Dept. academic awards applications are due during the Spring semester. Read more.
Other Funding Streams

Student Grants, Fellowships or Scholarships: Students may receive their own externally funded grants, fellowships or scholarships (e.g., Ford Diversity Fellowship, APA Minority Fellowship). The stipends from these external funding sources may be used to supplement the funding that the student receives from the school to the extent permitted by the funding agency and the Office of Financial Aid.

Students Guide to Obtaining External Resources

Teaching and Grading: During the term of their fellowship Fellows may supplement their income by teaching as Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Applied Psychology. Fellows teaching in the department receive teaching training and support (e.g., teaching mentorship) through the Applied Psychology Undergraduate Program (APUG). Fellows who conduct any other approved work (e.g., readers, class graders) will be paid at an hourly rate to be determined by the Department. Students are not eligible to teach or serve as graders while they are employed as RAs.