Developmental Psychology

Affiliated Faculty

J. Lawrence Aber

Willner Family Professor in Psychology and Public Policy at the Steinhardt; University Professor at New York University

Co-Director Global TIES

social, emotional, motivational, and behavioral development of high-risk children and youth; parent development; program & policy research; neighborhood and family contexts; intervention design and evaluation

LaRue Allen

Raymond and Rosalee Weiss Professor of Applied Psychology; Chair Department of Applied Psychology

Director CFPC

urban preschool-, adolescent-, and emerging adult development; social, cultural, and ecological impacts on development; cross-cultural and cross-national research; civic engagement, financial literacy

Lixian Cui

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Shanghai

child and adolescent social and emotional development in various contexts, with a particular focus on emotion temporal dynamics (e.g., anger, sadness, empathy, guilt) and stress psychophysiology (e.g., respiratory sinus arrhythmia, skin conductance, heart rate, cortisol) during social interactions

Carol Gilligan

Professor of Humanities and Applied Psychology


gender studies, Listening Guide method of psychological inquiry, psychology and politics of ethical resistance, morality, the relational world of girls

Perry N. Halkitis

Professor; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Global Institute of Public Health;
Director of CHIBPS

LGBT identity; drug addiction; biopsychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS; health & human development; quantitative research methods in psychology, health, & education; emergent adulthood; aging; measurement/assessment

Diane Hughes

Professor of Applied Psychology


family-, peer-, school-, and neighborhood influences on adolescents’ social/emotional development and academic outcomes of urban adolescents; intersections of race, ethnicity, culture as they influence development

Xuan Li

Assistant Professor Faculty Fellow of Psychology, Shanghai

fatherhood, parent-child interactions and relationships, and children and adolescents’ socioemotional development in contemporary Chinese societies

Sandee McClowry

Professor of Applied Psychology/Teaching and Learning;
Director of INSIGHTS

temperament-based intervention for elementary school children, their parents, and teachers; school-based interventions for inner-city children

Antje Von Suchodoletz

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Abu Dhabi

helping schools develop their readiness to implement effective teaching strategies and to improve young children's learning-related skills (including self-regulation and social competence). 

Theo Waters

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Abu Dhabi

Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Attachment Theory, Autobiographical Memory, Narrative, Identity, Meaning making, Trauma