Developmental Psychology

Core Faculty

Joshua Aronson

Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
Metro Center

stereotyping; self-processes in motivation and achievement; stereotype threat; social influences on learning; performance and the development of competence

Clancy Blair

Professor of Applied Psychology


self-regulation in young children; executive functioning and school readiness

Mary Brabeck

Dean Emerita; Professor of Applied Psychology



values and conceptions of the moral self; professional and feminist ethics; intellectual and ethical development; interprofessional collaboration

Natalie Brito

Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology 


early neurocognitive development, memory, language, bilingualism, poverty, electrophysiology (EEG)

Gigliana Melzi
Associate Professor of Applied Psychology, Undergraduate Program Director


language and early literacy development, reading readiness, Latino family engagement practices in preschoolers education and learning, teacher & classroom discourse, dual-language learners.

Cybele Raver

Vice Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs; Professor of Applied Psychology


policy contexts of welfare reform and early intervention in supporting self-regulation and school readiness among low-income children

Selcuk R. Sirin
Associate Professor of Applied Psychology

Dr. Sirin's Lab

immigrant youth development; cultural mismatch; school engagement; identity negotiation; meta-analysis

Catherine Tamis-LeMonda

Professor of Applied Psychology, Developmental Psychology Program Director 


language, cognitive development, and social cognition in infancy; early influences on school readiness; infant motor development in social context; parenting of mothers and fathers; cultural views and practices

Niobe Way

Professor of Applied Psychology



social and emotional development of adolescents; social (gender and ethnic) identities;intersectionof culture, context, human development