Developmental Psychology

Recent Awards/Grants/Fellowships (Faculty)

Administration for Health and Families, Department of Health and Human Services

“The ABC intervention in Early Head Start programs.” Clancy Blair, PI. Cybele Raver, Co-PI.(2011-2016).  $2 million.

“Moderators, mechanisms, methods, and measurement in the Head Start Impact Study.” Pamela Morris, PI. Cybele Raver, Co-Investigator. (2011-2013).  $1.2 million.

American Educational Research Association

Review of Research Award, Selcuk Sirin, 2006

American Psychological Association

Distinguished Contributions of Applications of Psychology to Education and Training Award. Cybele Raver, 2012

Foundation for Child Development

Young Scholar Award, Selcuk Sirin, 2006

Griffiths Award, Steinhardt School, NYU

Cybele Raver, 2009

Selcuk Sirin, 2005

Head Start University Partnership Research Grant

"Developing a Parent-Derived Measure of Latino Family Involvement: A Mixed-Methods Approach with English-Learning Children and Their Families."

Hong Kong Research Grants Council General Research Fund

“Children's School Readiness and Parents' Learning-Related Practices at the Transition to Kindergarten: Comparing Mainland Chinese Immigrant Families and Native Families in the United States and Hong Kong.”  Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Co-Investigator. (2010-2012).

Institute of Education Sciences

"Creating Scalable Interventions for Enhancing Student Learning Performance." Josh Aronson, PI. $1.3 million

"The New York University Predoctoral Research Training Program in Education Sciences" J. Lawrence Aber, PI; Cybele Raver, Administrative director. (2008). $4.4 million

Jacobs Foundation (Zurich, Switzerland)

"Documenting the 'Immigrant Paradox' in the United States among Children of Immigrants: A Meta-analysis." Selcuk Sirin, PI. (2009-2011)

National Institute of Child Health & Development (NICHD)

"Latino Family Involvement and Preschool Children's Language and Socio-Emotional Competence: A Mixed-Methods Approach with Urban, Low-Income Families." Christine McWayne and Gigliana Melzi, PIs.

"Promoting School Readiness in Primary Health Care." Alan Mendelsohn, PI; Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Co-investigator. (2005-2010). $1.5 million

"Teacher-child interactions, school readiness and developmental mechanisms." R. Pianta & B. Hamre, PIs; Cybele Raver, Co-Investigator. (2008). $4.0 million.

"Testing CSRP's impact on low-income children's outcomes in 3rd – 5th grade: A 5-year follow-up." Cybele Raver, PI. (2009). $3.4 million.

National Institute of Nursing Research, INSIGHTS

"Collaborative school-based intervention for inner-city children, mothers, and teachers." Catherine Tamis-LeMonda and Sandy McClowry, Co-Investigators. (2003-2008). $2.5 million.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Center for Research in Education, Development, and Culture. Diane Hughes, Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Niobe Way, & Hiro Yoshikawa, PIs. (2002-2007). $2.5 million.

Graduate Research Fellowship Award, 3-year renewable training grant to Patrice Ryce. Selcuk Sirin, Research Mentor. (2008-2011).

"IRADS: The Study of Culture and Development." Diane Hughes, Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Niobe Way, & Hiro Yoshikawa, PIs. (2007-2012). $2.5 million.

"Transnational Experiences of Chinese infants born to immigrant mothers in New York City." Catherine Tamis-LeMonda & Hiro Yoshikawa, PIs. (2005-2006). $20,000.

NYU Research Challenge Grant

"Understanding Identity Negotiation among Immigrant Minority Youth: An Exploratory Study." Selcuk Sirin, PI. (2007-2008).

Robinhood Foundation

“Supporting Parenting in Infant Development: A Feasibility and Planning Study for Evaluating the first Steps Program.” Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, PI. (2011-2012).

Society for Experimental Social Psychology Fellowship

Joshua Aronson

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Fellowship

Joshua Aronson

Spencer Foundation

"Early investments in non-cognitive skills: Testing the impact of CSRP on low-income children's educational outcomes in 3rd grade." Cybele Raver, PI. (2008). $675,000.

"Testing CSRP's impact on low-income children's outcomes in 3rd grade." Cybele Raver, PI. (2008). $75,000.

"Understanding and Overcoming Social Psychological Barriers to Academic Development." Joshua Aronson and Selcuk Sirin, PIs. (2007-2011).

Steinhardt Challenge Graduate Assistantship Grant

"Narrative Practices in Head Start Classrooms." Gigliana Melzi, PI.

Steinhardt Community Collaboration Research Grant

"Negotiating Secularist and Islamist Ideologies in a Polarized Context: A Community-based Study of Youth in Turkey." Selcuk Sirin, PI.