Applied Psychology OPUS

Submission Information

NYU Applied Psychology OPUS (Online Publication of Undergraduate Studies) is a semi-annual showcase of student work in psychology. OPUS was created to encourage and showcase the exemplary work of NYU undergraduate students in psychology. As an online publication, OPUS is designed to allow students to reach a wider audience with their work, simultaneously creating the potential for dialogue both within and beyond NYU. OPUS strives to build a community of excellence for undergraduates who are not only studying psychology from a textbook but becoming actively engaged by asking questions and applying their knowledge of psychology to the world.

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How Do I Apply?

Submissions for the upcoming Spring 2016 issue are due by Monday, September 8th at 5 PM. All applications are to be emailed to

Please include the following:

Your full name 
Your undergraduate year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, etc.) 
Your major (and minor if applicable)
Your intended position (i.e., Contributor, Junior, or Senior Staff Writer)
A brief writing sample* (3-5 pages)
*APA-style writing is preferrable, though we will accept other styles as well.


Please send in your already written paper along with a short description of what you hope to improve in the next drafts. This paper can be from Seminar I, II, or III, Research Methods II, or any other relevant course in which you wrote a literature review or research paper in APA format. Please remove your name from all pages of the paper before you send it in.


Please provide a brief description of the topic you wish to explore. This can be a very informal description or a general question you hope to answer.


For any further inquiries, please email: