Applied Psychology OPUS

Writer Biographies

Sarah Fox | Senior Staff Writer

Sarah Fox is a senior in the Applied Psychology program, with a minor in English. She is currently an undergraduate intern at Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC, a private psychology practice focusing on children with selective mutism, ADHD, and ODD. Additionally, Sarah has worked as a camp counselor at a wrap-around, school based program called Camp FOCUS for children with behavioral disorders for the past two summers and is excited to return for her third summer. In the future, Sarah hopes to earn a graduate degree in counseling and to practice clinically.

Mila Hall | Senior Staff Writer & Contributing Writer

Mila Hall is a graduating senior in the department of Applied Psychology. In the past, she has worked as a research assistant at the University of Luxembourg, in her home country. She is currently a research assistant on Dr. Lisa Suzuki’s Holocaust research team, as well as Dr. Arnold Grossman’s team investigating suicidality among LGBTQ youth. She also works as a program assistant at the Manhattan Family Justice Center, where survivors of domestic violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking are connected to various resources. Mila’s primary research interest is trauma in the context of armed conflict, which she will pursue at Teachers College at Columbia University in the fall.

Nina Passero | Senior Staff Writer

Nina Passero is a senior in the Applied Psychology program. She is currently working on the marketing team at Fabled Films Press, a media and entertainment company that is developing a series of middle-grade children’s books. In the past, Nina has worked as an intake counselor at the Employment Program for Recovered Alcoholics, a vocational rehabilitation program that provides services to individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. She also worked at Safe Horizon, an agency that gives  victims of violence access to a variety of resources and support, as well as advocates for justice. Additionally, Nina worked at The Representation Project, a Bay Area based production company that uses documentary films as a platform for cultural transformation, with a specific focus on overcoming limiting gender stereotypes. After graduation, Nina intends to pursue a graduate degree in counseling psychology or throw all caution to the wind and attend culinary school in Italy.

Cassie Wuest | Senior Staff Writer

Cassie Wuest is a senior in the Applied Psychology program. Currently, she is a research assistant for Drs. Melzi and Schick’s NYU L-FELD team and is in the process of completing an honor’s thesis examining gender and age differences in preschool children’s use of internal state words across narrative contexts. Previously, she has worked as a research assistant for the Yale RELATE project where she conducted video observations of special education classrooms in New York City. Cassie’s research interests include gender socialization and socioemotional development in school contexts, which she hopes to one day pursue with a graduate degree in Developmental Psychology.

Jacqueline Yi | Senior Staff Writer

Jacqueline Yi is a senior in the Applied Psychology program. Since 2014, she has served as a research assistant for Dr. Suzuki’s Holocaust survivor research team and Dr. Javdani’s R.I.S.E research lab. Jacqueline is interested in studying how race and religion may influence social justice attitudes and behaviors. After graduating from NYU, Jacqueline will continue to engage in research as a Clinical/Community psychology doctoral student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

Caitlyn Corradino | Junior Staff Writer

Caitlyn is a junior in the Applied Psychology program, with a minor in Nutrition. She is currently a research assistant for Dr. Javdani’s R.I.S.E. lab and an intake counselor at The Door Center for Alternatives. In the past, Caitlyn has interned at the Brain and Mind Research Institute in Sydney, Australia and at The National Eating Disorders Association. In addition to positive psychology, her main area of interest is the mental health benefits of physically healthy practices like meditation, healthy eating, and exercise. She is particularly intent on exploring how these practices can benefit at-risk populations. In the future, Caitlyn hopes to combine her interest in advocating for marginalized populations with her interest in health and fitness into a meaningful career in psychology. 

Katie Fogarty | Junior Staff Writer

Katie Fogarty is a graduating senior at NYU Gallatin with a concentration of Transformation through Education. She is passionate about her Child Adolescent Mental Health Studies minor which has given her the framework for clinical experiences like the NYU Summer Program for Kids. Katie is a PCIT intern at the Child Study Center and a member of Dr. Aronson’s lab studying the executive function benefits of mindfulness meditation on children in a classroom setting. She is also a research assistant in Dr. Chacko’s NYU FACES lab where she and other members implement a neurocognitive training study for children with ADHD and is working on a systematic review on mindfulness meditation and yoga as treatments for children with ADHD. She will be applying to Child Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs this fall in addition to maintaining her research assistant positions and having a blast using her behavior management skills babysitting.

Emma Rooney | Contributing Writer

Emma Rooney is a graduating senior in the Applied Psychology program with a minor in Art History. She is currently working as an intake counselor at The Door, a social services agency that strives to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development and support services. She also works as a research assistant for StyleLikeU, a website that promotes self-acceptance through the exploration of individual style and personal narrative. Emma has also worked as an intern at the Grey Art Gallery, NYU’s fine arts museum, and has done her fair share of babysitting and retail jobs. After graduation, Emma intends to work in the nonprofit sector before pursuing a graduate degree in either Counseling Psychology or Arts Administration.

Laina Sonterblum | Contributing Writer

Laina Sonterblum is a senior in Applied Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language. For the past two years Laina has been a member of Dr. Javdani’s R.I.S.E. team, through which she works to create and evaluate programming for juvenile justice-involved girls.  She is currently proposing a study for the Undergraduate Research Conference on the effects of shame and shaming in this population.  Ultimately, Laina hopes to go into the field of public policy and increase opportunity and access to education for marginalized communities, specifically women who are survivors of violence and trauma.