Applied Psychology OPUS

Staff Biographies

Kaya Mendelsohn | Editor-in-Chief

Kaya Mendelsohn is a senior in the NYU Applied Psychology program, minoring in Creative Writing. She is a research assistant on Dr. Shabnam Javdani’s Community and Oppression Research and Engagement (C.O.R.E.) team, helping on a project that implements a creative writing intervention to incarcerated youth. She has also worked with Alcance, an organization in her hometown of Santa Cruz, California, that helps at-risk youth find employment, enjoying the experience of working one-on-one with clients. Kaya is a member of NYU’s premier all-female a cappella group, the Cleftomaniacs. In the future, she hopes to work as a therapist for adolescents.

Hope White | Editor-in-Chief

Hope White is a senior in the Applied Psychology program. She is currently a research assistant on Dr. Shabnam Javdani’s Community Oppression and Research Engagement (C.O.R.E.) Team, which implements and evaluates interventions for juvenile justice system- involved youth. Under the mentorship of Dr. Javdani and Chloe Greenbaum, Hope is conducting an honor’s thesis on the combined influence of parenting and early puberty on Disruptive Behavior Problems in African American adolescent girls. Previously, Hope worked as a counselor at the NYU Child Study Center’s Summer Program for Kids, a behavioral treatment intervention for children who have ADHD and related disorders. In the future, she intends to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. 

Amelia Chu | Layout Director

Amelia is a second semester senior in the Applied Psychology Program with a minor in Anthropology and Business Studies. She was a Research Assistant at the Michael Cohen Group where she has contributed to projects including the ABCD Total Learning Initiative and Project UMIGO, a U.S. Department of Education’s Ready to Learn program. Her research interests include Human-Computer Interactions, User Experience methods and childhood education strategies, particularly those that involve interactive technologies. Amelia is also currently a Freelance Information Designer and the Marketing Chair of New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC).

Christie Kim | Layout Director & Senior Staff Writer

Christie Kim is a senior in the Applied Psychology program, with a minor in Web Programming and Applications. She is a member of Dr. Selcuk Sirin’s research team, having a hand in the Meta-Analysis of the Immigrant Paradox (MAP) project, research on Syrian refugee children and the media, and is conducting a secondary data analysis on immigrants’ attitudes towards psychotherapy. Christie also serves as an Intake Counselor at The Door, a youth empowerment agency in New York City, provides crisis counseling through Crisis Text Line, and supervises an academic support program at the NYU Child Study Center. Previously, she provided support and referrals as a Helpline Intern for the National Eating Disorders Association. With great interest in the relational context of couples and families, Christie hopes to pursue graduate studies in counseling psychology.

Regina Yu | Programming Director

Regina Yu is a senior in the Applied Psychology program at NYU with a minor in politics. She is currently working as an intake counselor at The Door, a Manhattan-based organization that provides young people with an expansive array of services, resources, and support. Regina has always been fascinated by psychology and plans to use her undergraduate studies in pursuit of a career in law. She hopes to work in international law with a special interest regarding human rights and social justice. Regina’s research passions include social welfare, education, and child development.

Devonae Robinson | Communications Director

Devonae Robinson is a senior in the Applied Psychology program at Steinhardt. She is currently a member of Dr. Shabnam Javdani’s research team, R.O.S.E.S., and also serves on the e-board of the Minority Pre-Law Association. Prior to her work with R.O.S.E.S. she held an internship with Brooklyn’s District Attorney Office, worked with America Reads, and volunteered with Publicolor to explore her interest in both children as well as the legal system. Other interests include domestic violence, cognitive distortions following sexual abuse, and alternative sentencing within the juvenile justice.