Applied Psychology OPUS

Spring 2013 Issue

Letter from the Editors

Staff Articles

The “Tiger Mom”: Stereotypes of Chinese Parenting in the United States - Scarlett Wang

The Volunteer Experience: Understanding and Fostering Global Citizenship - Alfredo Daniel Novoa & Vera Stiefler Johnson


Identity, Therapy, and Womanhood: Humanity in the Mafia - Grace Anzalone

Group Therapy: The Primary Treatment for Stress, Addiction, and Eating Disorders - Sarah Collins, Emily Gallagher, and Yimkwan Tsang

“The Walking Wounded”: Here-and-now Coping Strategies to Ease the Reintegration of American Military Veterans - Kara Duca

Muslim-American Women in the United States: What is Considered Muslim Enough? - Seren Karasu

Social Development in Democratic Elementary-School Classrooms - Lauren Tkach

The Impact of Parental Divorce on Emerging Adults’ Self-Esteem - Kelsey Block & Sophie Spiegel


The following abstracts highlights the research of students in the Applied Psychology Honors Program, as well as those completing an independent thesis.

Discussing Sexuality with Children - Christine Campo

Acculturative Stress, Gender, and Mental Health Symptoms in Immigrant Adolescents - Kara Duca

Gendered Toy Preferences and Preschoolers’ Play Behaviors - Alesha Gooden

Lenses of Justice: Demographic, Cultural, Ideological, Socioemotional Factors & Distributive Justice - Caila Gordon-Koster

The Role of Stereotype Vulnerability on Black Students’ Relational Engagement - Andrew Cory Greene

Multicultural Competence among Mental Health Professional - Savanna Keator

Teasing within English-Speaking Latino Families - Aakriti Malhotra

The Immigrant Paradox: Discrimination Stress and Academic Disengagement - Alfredo Daniel Novoa

Trauma, Meaning-Making, and Identity in Young Women of Color - Mercedes Okosi

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Staff Bios

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