Human Development and Social Intervention

Applied Research Opportunities

Our New York City location provides students and faculty with an ideal urban setting for studying many kinds of communities and settings combined with easy access to gateways to the world at large. The MA curriculum exposes students to research on the role of emotion, cognition, perception, and intrapersonal as well as interpersonal dynamics in engendering change at various levels, particularly in the community context. Particular focus is on action research programs and prevention intervention research projects.

Working under the supervision of the Program Director and a faculty mentor, students apply the skills acquired in their core courses as well as specialized areas of knowledge to an independent research problem. This work culminates in a final integrative project, such as a publishable quality research thesis, program development proposal, or prevention intervention study. Recent student research topics have included: Civic Engagement in South African Youth; Socio-Dramatic Play in Young Children; Music Therapy Outcomes with Autistic Youth; Low-Income Housing Status and Literacy Outcomes; and Parent and Teacher Satisfaction with Intervention Programming.

View previous culminating projects from the 2017 Master's Research Conference below: 

Fiyin Adesina ::: Parenting in an Urban Context: What is the role of early parental involvement in shaping later social skills?

Jessamin E. Cipollina ::: Understanding Multiple Minority Stress among Aging HIV-positive MSM: Experiences of Stigma and Discrimination over the Life Course 

Sara Hafeez Kazi ::: Exploring Masculinity in Pakistan through the Lens of Indian Trends in Masculinity

Millie Olivia Symns ::: Understanding the Interdependent and Independent Motives of First-Generation College Students