Human Development and Social Intervention

Sample Course Schedule

The HDSI program is designed to be completed on a full-time basis.


First Semester (12 points)- To be taken during the first year

Course No. Course Title Credits
APSY-GE 2105 Culture, Context, and Psychology 3
Elective1   3
APSY-GE 2271 Survey of Developmental Psychology 3
APSY-GE 2837 Project Research Seminar I 0
APST-GE 2086 Basic Statistics II


Second Semester (12 points)

Course No. Course Title Credits
APSY-GE 2838 Project Research Seminar II 3
APSY-GE 2173 Evaluation Methodology in Behavioral Science 3
APSY-GE 2094 Development and Prevention Science  3
Elective1   3

Summer Session

Course No. Course Title Credits
APSY-GE 2354 Externship in Human Development and Social Intervention2 0

2To be completed in the summer between the first and second year. 

Third Semester (12 points)- To be taken during the second year

Course No. Course Title Credits
APSTA-GE2003 Intermediate Quantitative Methods  3
Elective1   3
Elective1   3
APSY-GE 2279  Risk and Resilience 3

Fourth Semester

Course No. Course Title Credits
APSY-GE 2077 Grant Writing and Grant Mgmt for Social Sciences 3
APSY-GE 2524 Psychological Measurement 3
APSY-GE 2335 HDSI Integrative Seminar (Thesis) 0

Additional Program Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
  On-campus research (to be completed each semester) 0

Electives1 (Electives are to be selected from approved areas of study with advisement)

Developmental Psychology

Course No./Title
APSY-GE 2115 Psychological Research in Infancy
APSY-GE 2184 Temperament-Based Intervention
APSY-GE 2345 Academic Achievement Gaps: Socio-Psychological Dynamics
APSY-GE 2270 Intervention and Prevention in Early Childhood Contexts
APSY-GE 2527 Development of Immigrant Origin Youth
APSY-GE 2832 Child Development and Social Policy


Course No./Title
APSY-GE 2008 Sexual Decision-Making and Risk-Taking in Adolescence
APSY-GE 2038 Abnormal Psychology
APSY-GE 2450 HIV Prevention and Counseling: Psychoeducational Perspectives
APSY-GE 2691 Drug Use, Abuse, and Addiction: Biopsychosocial Perspectives
PUHE-GE 2317 Global Issues in Public Health
PUHE-GE 2355 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health


Course No./Title
APSY-GE 2141 Measurement: Modern Test Theory
APSY-GE 2222 Cross-Cultural Research Methods
APSY-GE 2825 Understanding and Measuring Social Contexts for Development
APSTA-GE 2012 Topics in Advanced Quantitative Methods
RESCH-GE 2140 Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry
RESCH-GE 2142 Interviewing and Observation
RESCH-GE 2143 Participatory Action Research