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Advisement & Registration 

Academic advisement at New York University is a fundamental and integral part of your educational experience. The goals of advisement at NYU include engaging students actively in:

  • Defining and pursuing educational and career objectives
  • Understanding and fulfilling the requirements of your curriculum
  • Becoming aware of the many learning opportunities that are available at NYU.
  • Selecting courses and other educational programs at the University that are intellectually challenging and personally rewarding.

As part of this process, we encourage you to think broadly and critically about the overall shape, direction, and uses of your education, to develop lifelong planning and decision-making skills, and to make optimal use of University resources. Read about the Guiding Principles of Advisement.

Follow the links below to find out about advisement within your current program.

Students should make appointments to meet with their adviser when they want to discuss registration issues, their degree progress, learn about study abroad options, or any other concerns that may affect their academic success.

Prior to registering each semester, students must complete and submit a registration form, which will be provided by their adviser. The adviser will review the student’s proposed schedule and “clear” the student, making it possible for the student to register using the online system.

To make an appointment with an advisor, please email:

Academic Advisor Email
Zach Ahmed
Kimberly Bassalian

Funding Opportunities:

Student Awards and Scholarships

Student scholarships and awards honor Applied Psychology students who have achieved distinction in various areas of psychological research, practice, or dedication to the department.  Counseling Mental Health and Wellness students are invited and encouraged to submit applications for all applicable scholarships and awards.  Please view the following, for the most up-to-date information about current scholarship and award opportunities: 

  • Scholarship applications are due in the Fall semester. Read more.
  • Dept. academic awards applications are due during the Spring semester. Read more.

Past mental health and wellness students have won the following: 

Fall Scholarships/Fellowships:

The Adrian Levy Scholarship: This gift is from the Levy Family in memory of Adrian Levy, a former Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Mr. Levy was an alumnus of the New York University Rehabilitation Counseling Program. This scholarship is to be used to help support 2 Master’s Counseling students who have committed to working with individuals with disabilities (e.g., physical, developmental, cognitive).  Recipients will be required to enroll in the course Issues in Counseling People with Disabilities and pursue an internship that serves this client population.

Gilbert M. Trachtman Fellowship Fund: This award, established in honor of Professor Gil Trachtman, will be be awarded to students for their contributions to serving children, parents, and teachers and being agents of change in righting the wrongs and inefficiencies of the systems that impact children and families. Preference is given to students who pursue clinical work as opposed to research.

Spring Awards: 

The Bernard Katz Award: This award will be given to one graduating BS student, one graduating MA student, and one PhD student for helpfulness, congeniality, and dedication to their program or peers.

Felix M. Warburg Memorial Award: This award is given to three students in Applied Psychology who have demonstrated academic excellence and commitment to the Department.

Outstanding Clinical Service: This award will be given to one MA and one PhD student who has demonstrated outstanding skills in the area of clinical practice.

The Phillip J. Zlatchin Memorial Award: This award, established in honor of Professor Zlatchin, a member of the faculty from 1947 to 1959, will be awarded to students for their contributions to improving the life conditions of vulnerable individuals or communities.

Social Justice Award: This award will be given to one graduating BS and one graduating MA student for their contribution to improving the life conditions of vulnerable individuals or communities.

Other Funding Opportunities

Competitive Professional Development Reimbursement Fund

Office of Research Resources

Students Guide to Obtaining External Resources

Student Counseling Association (SCA)

The purpose of the SCA is to keep all graduate students informed regarding events, activities, research, and academic life specifically related to counseling and/or psychology. The club will also serve as a platform by which students can engage in a dialogue surrounding the aspects of this particular field, and create a sense of support among one another.  View SCA website