MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, On-Campus Program

Internship Opportunities

Field learning is considered to be at the center point of any counselor education program. The internship provides the opportunity to combine didactic learning with actual experience in a clinical setting where students can engage in mental health counseling practice under the direct supervision of skilled and experienced licensed mental health professionals.

Within this clinical component of the program, the counselor-in-training develops the skills and competencies associated with the field of professional counseling. The student intern acquires a professional identity and an understanding of the role of the counselor in a variety of settings. The student intern acquires proficiency and confidence by applying his or her overall learning and emerging skills to work with clients, under the supervision of qualified and approved supervisors. Typically, students will spend one academic year (two consecutive semesters) in the same internship site. In addition to the required hours in the field, students are enrolled in an internship seminar class. The supervised internship experience is a preparation requirement for the mental health license in all states.

Students in the Program for Mental Health and Wellness are required to complete the New York State licensure requirement of a minimum of 600 hours (300 hours each semester or 20 hours per week) during two consecutive semesters in an approved mental health setting. 

Students work closely with the Program Internship Director to secure their site based on their interests, skills and site availability. Every effort is made to match students with appropriate sites. Students have completed their internship in community mental health settings, LGBT programs, university counseling centers, addiction treatment programs, and domestic violence and rape crisis settings, among others.

Registration for Internship Courses

  1. Registration for internship courses takes place the semester before the one in which you plan to begin your field placement. Students in a typical two-year full-time program start this process at the beginning of the spring semester of their first year, in preparation for doing their internship in their second year.
  2. Students are expected to have successfully completed at least the following courses prior to beginning their internship: Professional Orientation and Ethical Issues in Counseling, Foundations of Counseling, Cross-Cultural Counseling, Counseling: Theory and Process, Individual Counseling: Practice (Lab) I and II, Abnormal Psychology, and Group Dynamics.
  3. Internship preparation workshops will be held late in the fall semester. These information sessions will be announced on the listserv. You must attend one session in order to prepare for the process involved in securing an internship placement site. You will work closely with the training director for an internship, during this process.