MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, On-Campus Program

Advisement for Our Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness Program

Graduate Advisement

Students should make appointments to meet with their adviser when they want to discuss registration issues, their degree progress, learn about study abroad options, or any other concerns that may affect their academic success.

Prior to registering each semester, students must complete and submit a registration form, which will be provided by their adviser. The adviser will review the student’s proposed schedule and “clear” the student, making it possible for the student to register using the online system.

For more information regarding registration procedures, program standards, policies and curriculum guidelines, please refer to the Student Handbook listed below.

To make an appointment with an advisor, please email:

Academic Advisor Advises Student Last Names Email Schedule an Appt. 
Zacharia Ahmed G-N Appt. Calendar
Kimberly Bassalian O-Z Appt. Calendar