Master's FAQs


FAQ's for Prospective Master's Students

Q1. Can you tell me about your programs?

Q2. What is the average GPA/GRE score for admitted students?

Q3. I’m an international student.  What do I need from the TOEFL exam?

Q4. What makes a good candidate?

Q5. What is the deadline for admissions?

Q6. I want to take courses as a non-matriculated student to see if I want to apply to one of the counseling programs.  What should I take?

Q7. I have an NYU MA in school counseling, but I want to be a mental health counselor.  Can I do the certificate program?

Q8. What is the difference between  CMHW and Social Work?

Q9. What is the difference between CMHW and the GSAS Psychology MA?

Q10. Should I apply for the PhD program or the MA program in counseling?

Q11. I don’t really know what I want to study, what should I do?

Useful websites:

Steinhardt Graduate Admissions

Counseling and Guidance 

Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness

Human Development and Social Intervention

NYS Mental Health Practitioners

American Mental Health Counselors Association