Doctoral FAQ's

Faculty answers to FAQ's for the Doctoral Programs in the Dept of Applied Psychology at NYU

Q1. Why Applied Psychology?

Q2. What are the differences in the level of study within the Applied Psychology Programs?

Q3. What makes NYU Applied Psychology distinctive?

Q4: How do faculty feel about applicants having clinical experience prior to admission?

Q5: Is being published important in the admissions process?

Q6: Do you place a higher value on quantitative research than on qualitative work?

Q7: Is it important to have taken statistics before you apply?

Q8: Which programs are more clinically oriented and which are more research oriented?

Q9: How many credits are required for each program?

Q10: How are admissions decisions made?

Q11: What is the student community like?    

Q12: Can faculty outside the school be included in a student’s work? How does the department work with the local community?

Q13: Do you ever accept NYU students?