Project 50+

Abstract:  By 2015, 50% of all HIV-positive individuals in the USA will be 50 and over, with a substantial proportion of these being gay and bisexual men. We would like to determine if this population of Black, Latino and white gay and bisexual men (ages 50-59 years old), who are long term survivors of HIV, and are living in New York City, has any health problems that can be addressed by a change of lifestyle. The study will entail a quantitative analysis of computerized surveys, and a qualitative analysis of interviews. We would seek to explore how they see themselves in terms of their weight and body image. In addition, we would like to see how active or inactive they are, their nutritional status and its association with their overall health. Our ultimate goal would be to determine how to design and implement a wellbeing help plan for this population in order to improve their overall health.